Website Design Visuals

Want to create a great first impression for your website?

How is your website going to look? What colours, images and fonts will best captivate your visitors?

Visuals are more than just the aesthetics – they are the key to appealing to your visitor, establishing how your visitor will interact with your business, and ultimately, how your visitor will remember you. 

All businesses need great website visuals. Here are six tips that you can get started with:

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1. Make Your Navigation Seamless

How will you ensure that your visitors get all the information they need from your website? Think about your user journey: how will they get information about your business, see the clients you have worked with and find the products and services you offer?

It is important that your visitors can easily navigate between the elements of your website. To create an exceptional user experience, ensure each element helps your visitor achieve a goal. Map out the visual elements of your navigation and ensure everything is intuitive. Seamless navigation will help your visitors get the best experience.

2. Choose Cohesive Brand Colours

First impressions count. Your colour scheme is one of the first things your website visitor will see. You can actually have a bit of fun with your brand colours and really make your business stand out. For example, the colour scheme for Coca Cola came from the mid 90’s when they painted their barrels to distinguish them from other liquids during transport. Now, the Coca Cola brand is recognised pretty much anywhere in the world, thanks to its colour scheme. 

What colours will you use? Blue tones are often a winning choice. Play around with contrasting colours to really make aspects of your website “pop”. Keep the tones and shades consistent so that your message doesn’t get lost in a frenzy of colour. And remember to use your brand colours in your business logo. Small details like this can have a big impact on how your customers recognise your business.

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3. Check Your Font and Typography

Typography refers to the fonts, size, alignment and spacing of the text on your website. With typography, you are trying to make sure the words on your website are clear and are easy to read. But there are thousands of different fonts out there. How will you choose? Well, choose fonts that reflect your business. Select the fonts and colours that are easy to read on any device size. Use text alignment to draw the eye and signpost to your key messages. And don’t underestimate the importance of white space. Space between headlines, paragraphs and margins can help make your text more readable.

4. Use High-Quality Graphics and Images

Words are important, but images can convey a message instantly. Images can evoke memories or emotions or help convey a message to your audience. Be careful not to clutter the pagecramped spaces can reduce the readability of your content in your website. Instead, be selective and use high-resolution images and graphics that really stand out.

For example, if your business is a bakery, use a big, eye-catching picture of a cake (to make your customers want it). Use a headline next to the image (to tell the customer what it is) and place a call-to-action button below your image (so your customers know how to get it). Grab your visitor’s attention with quality graphics and images.

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website design visuals

5. Keep Everything Consistent

You need to help your customers recognise your brand. It can be confusing if you use different fonts or colour schemes across your various marketing activities. Keep it simple and make sure everything is consistently reflected across all the marketing mediums you use. This is how your customers will recognise your business.

For example, make sure the visuals and design on your website are the same as your brick and mortar business shop front or your social media profiles. Keep all the elements of your brand consistent for a cohesive look and feel.

6. Mobile Responsive

Have you ever had to scroll, pinch or zoom to get the information you need on a website? It can be irritating having to manually adjust a website on your mobile just to search for information. 

Some reports suggest that almost 60% of users view a website on their mobile phones. You are cutting out a huge portion of your market if you are not ensuring your website is mobile-friendly. And this could hurt your brand visibility!

Ensure your website design is mobile-friendly, meaning it works the exact same way across any device. Use technology to correct the orientation, scale, and proportions of the images, text and layout of your website. It will have a big impact on your user experience.

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Your website visuals set the tone for your business. Keep it engaging and help your visitors remember you and your business for a long time to come!

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