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 Engage visitors and increase traffic with a website that features the latest in design and innovative development.

Website Designs for Businesses

Looking for a reliable company to  build you an intuitive website design in business that increases traffic, converts leads and offers real-time results? We help businesses build websites that communicate clearly, stand out and sell more.

It’s more competitive out there than ever for businesses. Your current website design might be OK, but you need better than OK to meet your business goals. If you’re looking for an online presence that will increase traffic and convert leads, contact the team at South Coast Digital. We know how to build intuitive website experiences so your company or industry can be brought alive with a design tailored just right!

If you manage a business, you want to make sure that customers are engaged with your company’s website design. You may already have an established website–but is it delivering what’s needed? Web design nowadays goes far beyond just choosing colours and fonts; developing sites can be a complex task so we are here to help make it simple.

Do you need a web development team that can take your idea from start to finish? Trust the experts at South Coast Digital for all of your design needs.

We use cutting-edge methods and technology in order ensure we reach every demographic with an optimal user experience on any device, while incorporating analytics so you know what’s working best!

Website Design in Nowra from South Coast Digital Marketing

Is your website working just as hard as you?

A website design should drive visitors towards your content, and eventually a sales decision. Is your website doing this for you?

Rocket your business with Nowra Web Design

Let the team at South Coast Digital optimise your website and increase conversion rates with our suite of powerful tools. We’ll help you learn how to make it a successful, user-focused asset by using the latest design practices that will drive engagement from visitors on every page!

  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Information Architecture & Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ready
  • Service and Location Functionality
  • Social Media Integration
  • Conversion-Driven Landing Pages for Lead Generation
  • eCommerce and Shopping Functionality
  • Email Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics built-in

You need a Website design company that will create a website that is:

Easy to Edit

If you don’t have any coding skills to make changes and updates on your website don’t fret, South Coast Digital will walk you through the process of interacting with your website’s backend so that you can make changes effortlessly.

Optimised for Mobile and Ultra-Responsive

50% or more of your site’s visitors are using a mobile device. Make sure your site is responsive and is optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile views.

Developed with Google in Mind

If you want to be found online, then a website that is optimised for search engines is essential. South Coast Digital can build an SEO-friendly website design for Nowra and the Shoalhaven that ensures it gets the attention of potential customers before others do!

Built to Your Business' Needs

The web is an endless ocean of recycled content, but not at South Coast Digital! South Coast Digital works with you to build your website from the ground up to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Content at the Forefront

In order to make your site as useful and engaging for visitors, you should create high-quality content that discusses topics in an informative way. This will help bring them back to your website in the future.

Centred on Conversions

Can’t seem to get visitors to your homepage that stick around and explore the other pages? The way to fix this is with a website that is centred around driving engagement through your pages and towards taking action.

Fast Loading

We’ve all had that experience where we’ve been on a website and are left stuck waiting for a page to load, we just move on, with our “I-need-it-now” attitude our attention span you simply can’t afford to have a slow site, simply put you need a lightning fast website to guarantee potential customers stick around.

Simple means Success

Don’t make your website more complicated than it needs to be. With all this information there is out there, sometimes simplicity is best. Easy-to-use formatting combined with a modern feel will help boost your conversions.

More about our Website Design & Development Services

South Coast Digital builds websites that don’t only showcase your businesses uniqueness but that are also created with function and ease of updating at the forefront. Our websites are simple, easy to use, responsive, easy to update and easy to navigate. 

It is vital to have a good working relationship with our customers, so we work together with you from starting to finishing your website, guaranteeing your website accurately reflects the goals of your business.

Web Design in Nowra for your business

The Nine Phases of Website Design


South Coast Digital has the view that a full understanding of your business model and unique characteristics is the best jumping off point for creating a lucrative website. We work together to figure out your goals so we can create a website that is directly focused on achieving your goals.

Prepare First Drafts

The design process is about to start! We’ll work closely with you as we begin the initial layout of your website, and then meet in person or over phone for an evaluation. Once approved at this stage – if all goes well-we will move into developing what’s been designed together until it meets YOUR satisfaction…

Building & Design your Website

Creating a unique design for your website that conveys your brand, this is the initial draft stage of the design process. We combine all your previous ideas here along with our knowledge of website design and structure to create a draft design of your website that is both unique and ticks all the boxes for what a smart website needs.

Client's Feedback

Getting your feedback on the design and finalising content and images, it’s important to get feedback and comments as often as possible from you so we can ensure that we are creating the kind of website you envision.


Developing and coding the website so it not only looks great but is fast loading on desktop and mobile across all browsers to make sure your website looks the best it possibly can for anyone who comes across it and has the most user friendly experience possible.


Thoroughly testing everything on the website from links to image names, doing a last check on spelling and grammar to ensure there are no little errors, testing the sites usability and ease of navigation as well as making sure all the old URLs are redirected.


Making the website live with superior hosting ensures it’s fast loading and secure. Our hosting company hosts over 28 million domains and offers superior backup, technical support, ultra-fast website speed and built in site security.


Building and implementing a Plan with effective ongoing Digital Strategies, SEO and content to get the maximum possible new business from your new or updated website. Plus we provide regular analysis and feedback to help ensure you meet your goals.


Maintaining a website is a little like maintaining a car. Unless it’s maintained properly the car will break down at some point in time. We monitor your website 24/7 so there are no security issues, plug-ins and security are kept up to date and the website is functioning properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does designing the website take?

The design project for a new website is different for each client and there are three things we use to determine how long this will take;

1. The level of design work that is required for your website

2. The present workload of staff and other projects that are ongoing

3. The level of feedback and revisions that are necessary for your website

Combining all of these individual parts, developing your new website can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month or two, for websites that require ecommerce functionality the new website may take a longer time to be built.

South Coast Digital will work together with you to create a timeline and predicted cost of your website during the development/planning phase.

Our Satisfied Clients

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Is a new website necesssary?

Not always, if possible we will try to revamp your current website to make sure the structure, content and user experience are all working as they should be and that the site is optimised for google.

Sometimes though like an old house the cost of renovation is more than the cost of a new build so we may need to replace your old website with a sparkling, brand new website so you can be sure your website is grabbing the attention of as many prospective customers as possible as well as keeping Google and the other search engines happy.

Will my new website be found on Google?

One of the most important things when building a website today is that it is found on top search engine pages (SERP).

South Coast Digitals team will help ensure your website functions well on a large range of top SEO and social media benchmarks. With a combination of searchable on-page content and SEO development on the backend of your website, we make SEO simple.

We will build a complete set of tools optimised for SEO, that features keyword research, meta descriptions, headings and title tags.

Will you create the content for my website?

Any effective website relies heavily on good, informative content. From graphics to articles and blog posts, our team will create your website’s content with the utmost care.

All of the team at South Coast Digital are focused on building a website that combines form, function and skyrockets your SEO – which in turn makes sure you are found by your target audience.

Why do you use WordPress?

We use the WordPress platform for the website and host the website on Siteground (fast loading and superior secure hosting provider).

40% of Web developers prefer building with WordPress because it is easily adaptable for different website types, is extremely SEO friendly, is easy to use and can be scaled up as needed if the requirements for your website grow.


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Things to consider if you are looking for a new website

It’s crucial to have a clear picture of what you want in a website before you start looking for someone to build your website design. Having a clear idea of what you want helps avoid any unexpected surprises in future stages. No matter your level of tech-knowledge, see the questions below to help you understand what you want the finished website to include.

It’s crucial to have a clear picture of what you want in a website before you start looking for someone to build this website. Having a clear idea of what you want helps avoid any unexpected surprises in future stages. No matter your level of tech-knowledge, see the questions below to help you understand what you want the finished website to include.

It’s crucial to have a clear picture of what you want in a website before you start looking for someone to build this website. Having a clear idea of what you want helps avoid any unexpected surprises in future stages. No matter your level of tech-knowledge, see the questions below to help you understand what you want the finished website to include.

What Website Functionality is needed

What are the specific requirements for your website (widgets and tools)?

Updating Content

Am I able to edit my own website and do I need to be able to make these changes myself?

Domain Name

Do you already have a domain name that we can use for the website?

Prospect Sales Process

How will your prospects engage on the website and what sales process do they go through from initial inquiry through to sale?


Will you be selling anything (products or services) on your website?

Sites that Inspires You

Are there any websites already out there that have functionality or features that you want included in your website?

Wondering whether or not it’s time for your Website to consider a revamp?

It’s hard to narrow down a single reason why it is the smartest move to update your website, some of the most common being:

  • Your current website isn’t mobile friendly
  • The content is irrelevant or infrequently updated
  • The interface is hard to navigate
  • You are unable to edit your content
  • You’d like to bring more people to your website