Website Design for your About Page

Website Design for your About Page

Although each page is important, there are some pages that remain essential to your website’s success when looking at a website design especially for your About Page.

Your Home Page is often the first impression a potential client gets of a business. Users will stay on this page for only a few seconds before deciding whether to investigate further or navigate to a more interesting or competing site.

If you are providing services and even selling products, the next most visited (and therefore important) page is the About Page. So, what should you consider when designing your website About Page?

1. The Message Matters Most in your About Page Website Design

A lot of people say you should only talk about yourself, your history, your mission, your passion and your team. Others say, you should talk about what you can do for clients. However, the most important thing is the message that you’re trying to get across.

In this Red Car Driving School About Page example, they talk about being an accredited provider, providing a wide range of automatic driving lessons in the Shoalhaven region. They get the message clearly across about what they do and where they do it.

Website Design for your About Page - South Coast Digital Marketing

2. Establish Credibility in your About Page

When visitors are looking at your about page, they’re looking for reasons to buy, but they also have objections in their head. So, they may be consciously or even subconsciously looking for reasons not to buy.

In this Sonic Sight About page example, they talk about how they have been creating videos since 1993 that connect, inspire and sell for companies, schools, government and not-for-profit organisations. Plus, the visitor sees their portfolio quickly. They establish credibility for their target customers.

Effective Website Design for your About Page - South Coast Digital Marketing

3. Put the Most Important Information Above the Fold

What do we mean by “above the fold”? What we mean is that when you open a web page, it’s what you see without scrolling down.

In this Ziggy, Mason Property Investment About Page their key message is that they are new, young, enthusiastic and have strong family values. That message is clear above the fold without scrolling, but if the visitor wants more, they can still scroll down to read their individual profiles.

Important Information for your About Page - S Website Design - South Coast Digital Marketing

4. Include Calls to Action in your Website About Page Design

Remember, most people aren’t just looking for more information, they’re seeking a deeper level of engagement if they like what they see or read. That means they need to see a next step in your Website’s About Page.

In this Sig-Tech Electrical About us page, their website visitors can read about Sig-Tech’s experience, the type of work they do and then take the next step –  “get in touch” – if they require this type of work. So, a simple Call to Action is important.

CTAs in your About Page Website Design

In Summary

First, make sure you’ve got the message right in your website’s About Page design. Second, establish credibility. Third, deliver the most important and relevant information above the fold and finally make sure you include at least one call to action. Follow these four tips and you will be well on the way to having an effective About Page that engages and leads your website visitors to the next step towards becoming a client..

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