The right Content for your website design

Getting the content right in your website design

Making sure you have the right content on your website design is critical for both your website visitors and Google.

Before we dive in, take a few minutes to watch this Episode of Website Wednesdays on “Content Pages”. Also, catch up on some useful videos to learn more about the other key steps in effective website design.

So, what do you need to know about content? Well, content is an important aspect of your website. Well-designed content pages can prompt potential prospects to share information, such as an email address, and can therefore help generate leads for your business. 

Follow these five tips for your website content:


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1. Have A Goal For Every Page

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your website is, without a goal for each page, your website will not be effective. The goal of each page will make your website more interactive, and direct the flow of traffic in the way that best suits your business.  

 For each page on your website, ask yourself:

  1. Does this page have a specific goal?
  2. What task will visitors complete here?

Outline the goals for your website. What is the goal for your home page? What steps do you want visitors to take after they have checked out your products and services? Your website should be more than just a digital brochure. Make sure you have clearly defined goals for every page of your website. 

2. Design An Effective Call-To-Action

Your website won’t be complete until you add a call-to-action that leads your customers to the desired action. Think bold, bright, and engaging so it captures the attention of your visitor, such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Get Started Here’. A well-designed call-to-action button will generate leads by prompting your visitor towards a page where they can share further information about themselves, such as an email, and continue a conversation with your business. 

Ensure your buttons look clickable—if you don’t, your visitors might skip over them without noticing them. Consider the colour contrast and location of your buttons, and make sure your wording is clear and direct. Put your call-to-action buttons front and centre on your website so your visitors will never miss them!

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website design marketing goals

3. Use A Landing Page

Do you have a landing page that you use to collect email addresses? A landing page is a destination page that appears when a visitor clicks a link or button. It’s where your prospect ‘lands’ when they click on that call-to-action button on your website. Your landing page serves a very specific purpose: to turn your website visitors into customers. 

Your landing page should prompt visitors to respond to your compelling offer by filling out a form to share more details about themselves. Make sure you personalise your landing page to appeal to your specific target audience. Doing so will help generate leads by converting the traffic that your website is getting. 


4. Solve A Problem

Consider your website from the user’s perspectivewhy have they landed on your website? It is likely they are visiting your site because they need something. This is a time to be genuine and let your prospects know how you will partner with them to solve a specific problem they have. Your ‘About Us’ page is a great place to share this information. While talking about your business on your About Us page is important, it is essential to highlight HOW your business solves the main customer problem. 

For example, if you are a plumber, don’t just talk about the specifications of the latest gadget that you use. Instead, talk about the 10 years of experience you have in installing a hot water system, and how you can easily install one in the home of your customer too. Let your potential prospects know how your business can solve a problem for them.


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5. Keep Your Language Clear

There is no point in talking about how you are a great ‘Sparky’ if your visitors don’t know that you mean ‘Electrician’. Jargon words can deter your visitors as they may not understand what you are talking about, and they will look elsewhere for a business that will solve their problem. So avoid using jargon wherever possible. Instead, use clear and concise language that a layperson can easily understand. This will ensure your content is easy to read and will help your customers feel like they are in the right place. 

Build your content pages so they work in the best way for your business. Effective website design can help your business generate leads.

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