Web Design Musts in 2024

This checklist is designed to help you ensure that your website design in 2024 is efficient, user-friendly, and aligned with the latest digital trends to maximise your website enquiries.

1. Responsive Web Design

Check your website on a PC, Mobile and Tablet to make sure it looks great and functions well on all devices, especially mobiles and tablets. Responsive design is a key aspect of modern web design, essential for providing a quality user experience. If it’s not working well on all devices, ask your website company how it can be fixed. We also have a great free website grader tool that you can use to test your website’s mobile responsiveness

2. Web Design for Speed Optimisation

Focus on optimising the loading speed of your website. Web design plays a significant role in load times, and a fast-loading site is critical for keeping visitors engaged and improving search engine rankings. Use GT Metrix to check and if you get a low score contact your website developer to put an action plan in place to improve the speed

3. Web Design with Updated Content

Ensure your web design and structure plans for regularly updated, high-quality content. Keeping content fresh and relevant is a key part of effective web design, impacting both user engagement and SEO. You can do this by creating an ongoing content plan that could include pages focusing on your services, the locations you service, case studies or even a blog with useful information.

4. SEO-Friendly Web Design

Integrate SEO best practices into your web design. This includes using proper tags, optimising images, and ensuring your design supports all SEO efforts to enhance your website’s visibility. If you are not sure of what effective SEO should include, here’s a free SEO guide that can help you.

5. User-Centric Web Design

Evaluate and enhance the user experience (UX) aspect of your web design. A user-friendly design with intuitive navigation is essential for engaging and retaining visitors. If you want to read more about good user design, Hubspot has a great article on user-centric web design principles

6. Secure Web Design Features

Regularly update your web design to incorporate the latest security features. This includes SSL certificates and secure design elements to protect user data and build trust. If you are interested in finding out more assessing your security, we have a great article on website security and website design

7. Modern Aesthetics in Web Design

Refresh your website’s aesthetics to align with contemporary web design trends. A visually appealing design is crucial for making a good first impression and keeping your site competitive. However remember that there are some classic web design trends that never go out of style

8. Interactive Elements in Web Design

Enhance your web design with interactive elements to engage visitors. This includes incorporating features like polls, quizzes, and animations, making your website more interactive and engaging. This could be as simple as a moving banner graphic like the one on our home page or a self-assessment quiz.

9. Technical SEO in Web Design

You need to regularly perform technical SEO audits focusing on web design elements. Ensure your design supports optimal site performance, including server response times and proper indexing. We have a great free website grader tool that can help you with this.

10. Web Design Integrated with Social Media

Seamlessly integrate social media into your web design by linking to your social media profiles, which is a modern web design practice. Social media links are clickable icons or buttons that can be displayed on your website that direct your visitors to your various social media accounts.

11. Clear CTAs in Web Design

Use your web design to prominently feature clear and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs). A well-designed CTA can significantly boost conversions and is a key element of effective web design.

12. Web Design Analytics

Utilise web design that supports the integration of analytics tools. Monitoring performance through design-supported analytics is essential for understanding user behaviour and optimising your website. At minimum ensure your website has Google Analytics installed and that you and your digital marketing agency are assessing the data monthly at a minimum


By focusing on these web design elements, you can ensure your website remains at the forefront of digital trends in 2024.

Effective web design is about combining aesthetics, functionality, and user experience to create a successful online presence for your business.

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