Understanding Keyword Optimisation

Do you know what Keyword/Phrase optimisation is?

When someone goes searching on Google, they are looking for information for one particular topic. They will often use a particular keyword, search term or phrase. For example, your busniess is looking for a new cleaner to weekly clean your offices, based on the south coast, you would probably type in: South Coast cleaners. 

There is a lot of information on doing keyword research, but we would suggest starting with looking at competitor sites tools, including SemRush, Mox, Google Keyword Planner or even Google Search Console.

Identifying Keywords

It is suggested that this is regularly checked, one a month to review and update the list you have compiled of keywords and phrases. Once you have understood the keywords and phrases that are linked with your business, including the type of business you are or the location you cover, 10-20 of these words will help you provide keyword content on your website. The best way to do this is to create a content page around one specific keyword and ‘optimise’ that page for that keyword. This is called ‘keyword mapping’. You will need to optimise headers, written content, videos, ‘meta tags’ and even image descriptions and filenames to maximise your efforts on this page. 


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