Do People Still Use Pop-Up Advertisements?

A pop-up advertisement or “pop-up” is a form of online advertising where a window suddenly opens in the foreground of an online interface. Originating in the 1990’s, it is used to grab the attention of the user by suddenly appearing on screen and conveying a marketing message.

In an age where digital advertising is continually evolving, how have pop-up ads survived over the past three decades? The answer is: they work! Pop-ups convert visitors on your website into leads. 

Pop-ups have been loved but they have also been hated. The reason why people often don’t like them is that the windows pop up in an inconvenient places and affect the user experience. Modern marketing techniques use more subtle pop-ups and cultivate a message that is valuable to the user. The timing of pop-ups is also very important to optimise their efficacy. By maximising pop-up value and minimising frustrations, your business can experience the benefits of pop-up ads.

Common types of pop-up advertising?

The Welcome Mat

The Welcome Mat is a full-screen window that pops up front and centre in the foreground of the page content. This pop-up takes over the whole screen. Whilst this is a great way to display a key message or a call-to-action. It can sometimes frustrate or annoy the user as it interferes with webpage interaction. As it is quite intrusive for the user, only use the Welcome Mat where it critically benefits the user and your marketing strategy. 

The Overlay Modals

The Overlay Modals are a traditional pop-up technique. The window manifests in the centre of the screen but it doesn’t block the entire content. They are usually small to medium in size and are more acceptable to users as the user can still access the content or easily click away. Clothing websites often use Overlay Modals to entice the shopper such as ‘Sign up today and get 15% off your next order’. Although some users will find these types of pop-ups annoying, there is a high conversion rate on well-executed pop-ups. 

The Slide-In Box

The Slide-in Box is a subtle window that appears from the side or the bottom of the page. They are quite small and are sometimes not even noticed especially if your content is engaging. They are less intrusive and can act as a reminder without interrupting the user. It is an effective way to present an offer such as ‘Win a Road Bike’ or ‘Get Our Free Guide’. The user can consider opting in whilst they continue to interact with the webpage. 

Best Practice for Pop-Ups: 

  • Ensure your pop-up provides value for the user
  • Only use pop-ups that are necessary to your marketing strategy 
  • Offer an easy exit strategy for the user, such as a ‘Close’ or ‘X’ button
  • Optimise the timing of the pop-up 
  • Make the pop-up engaging (avoid spam messaging)
  • Keep it relevant to the content on the page
  • Don’t add too many pop-ups

Pop-ups can be controversial. Google now penalises websites that use too many ‘intrusive interstitials’ (i.e. pop-ups). However, if you respect the user and use pop-ups effectively, they can improve your conversion rate and help your business generate income.  

Do you want to try pop-up advertising?

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