Do People Still Use Pop-Up Advertisements?

A pop-up advertisements or pop-up form is an online advertising technique used on many websites that suddenly pop up onto your window. Originally starting in the 1990’s, pop-up ads have developed from third-party consumers who blast bright coloured ads on your screen to website owners using it as subtle marketing techniques today.

In an age where digital media advertising is continually evolving, how have pop-up ads survived for over 30 years? Especially for being renown for being annoying, frustrating, and hated. The answer is, they work! A lot of websites will gain conversion rates from people accessing the pop-up ad or form. The reason why people often do not like them, is because they are placed in inconvenient places. By figuring out where there is best value and minimising the frustration, will see your website gain value from pop-up ads.

There are many types of pop-up forms that every user would have experienced.


Welcome Mat

This pop-up ad involves taking over the whole screen with their content, advertisement, or sign-up feature. Although this may appear to be the best option as users can clearly see the ad, they can often be annoying and appear over the top for users.


Overlay Modals

These are the most common and traditional types of pop-up advertising you will see on the internet. Often appearing in the centre, on top of content, and medium in size, they are much more appealing to users as they can either access the information you are providing or click out to continue what they were doing. You will often see this on clothing websites, where a pop-up advertisement will include a catch phrase like ‘sign up today and get 15% off your next order’. Although some users will find these types of pop-ups annoying, they do gain a higher conversion rate than other methods.


Slide-In Boxes

As the name suggest, these type of pop-up ads slide into the side or bottom of your page. They are quite small and sometimes not noticed. However, this is not a bad feature as has a less in your face and obstructive behaviour. They can be used to present offers for users while they are on certain pages.


If you want to implement a pop-up advertisements offering a discount or promotion, or you are looking to build a pop-up form to gain potential users email, we can help! Our team specialise in digital marketing strategies that work for you!

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