The Customer Journey

This journey involves the steps needed for a customer to interact with a business eg. Finding your website, contacting you, purchasing your services and post-purchase reflection or review. The customer journey has many steps, and one important one is your primary goal, i.e. what do you want the customer to DO?

What is the main action for the customer to take? A call to action (or CTA) can help guide your customer into completing a desired action relevant to your business. Do not overcomplicate things with too many actions: contact you, go to your Facebook page, sign up for this free thing, book an appointment.

It’s important to identify what is the most important action. Decide what’s the main thing you want the customer to do, and you highlight that. Make it front and centre. Stick it at the top of your website and/or down at the bottom. Make it stand out but make it simple and easy to be found.
When you already have an idea of what you want your customer to do, this will ensure an easier interaction between them and you and can lead to increased sales into the future.

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