Small Businesses Marketing Tools – Easy and Simple

Many small businesses can find it overwhelming to conduct marketing campaigns on their own. Many people believe that creating a marketing campaign is an ordeal, involving high expenses and considerable time spent away from your business.

Ten Tips to Market your Business of a Budget

Who are your Customers?

Identifying your customers and understanding who they are is highly important. Each business will attract a different type of customer according to what product or service you provide. Maximising your efficiency to understand who they are can be one of the best ways to market on a budget.  Buyer Personas can be a great method in working out the type of customers or clients your business attracts. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

Build a Strong Visual Brand

Branding within your business is essentially the identity of your business. When creating a brand, consider the following:

  • How do you want the brand to look and feel?
  • What do you want it to portray?
  • How do you want to be perceived?

The visual identifies your brand – very critical. It is one way people remember who you are. When developing the visual side of your brand, you want to use a colour scheme that creates familiarity and trust. For example, often, pre-schools will use soft-toned colours, rather than a strong red, yellow and orange. Make sure once you have developed this brand you insert it wherever possible; in emails, in promotional material and wherever you conduct your business.

Make a Consistent Promotional Message

Across all channels your brand uses a Website, Facebook, Instagram, Radio or LinkedIn. You need to follow the same marketing material and message. If you produce multiple different messages, it can attract the wrong customer or no customers at all. Building a strong brand message across all platforms can draw in customers that want your business.

The Importance of PR

A good story can be one of the best ways to make people look at you, your brand and what you stand for. Letting your prospects hear who you support or the hardships you have overcome can entice people to relate and connect with you. Have you been supporting a local charity or community sport? Have you been able to stand strong despite on-going events? Share your story for your audience to hear. It is often easy and can help you market on a budget.

Managing your Clients with a Database

When you have hundreds, even thousands of clients, it can take a long time to arrange them according to their location, industry or size of their company. Using a database system can help you save loads of time with your marketing and sales efforts. By uploading your contacts to a CRM system, can help you track your sales and organise who your customers are.

Segment your Contacts

Let’s say you have one big list of clients’ contact, who have the potential to conduct business with you. If you were to run an advertisement or an emailing listing, would you word it the same despite all prospects having different buyer persona or industries? For example, if you were a lawyer, you would not be emailing local businesses the same content as you would for those seeking a divorce lawyer. The answer is no. By organising your contacts can help you better to delegate your time and schedule your marketing to suit different industries or buyer personas.

Thank your Customers

Customers want to feel appreciated that you recognised them, that they choose and supported your business. By reaching out through email, phone or social media can help create brand loyalty. A small, simple endorsement encourages customers to come back to your business or promote it to family, friends and colleagues.

Outsource Low Value Tasks

Using third-party services can help your business and give you that extra time you need to focus on other tasks. This could include your marketing, accounting or property maintenance. Outsourcing menial or time-consuming tasks to Fiverr, Upwork or another low-cost service is a great way to maximise your time.

Facebook Advertising

Running an advertisement on Facebook can be a great way to grow your businesses when operating on a limited marketing budget. You can run an Ad that directly delivers to potential clients with your targeted age and location. Prospects will be developed into clients at a faster rate compared to other traditional methods. The business suite on Facebook can mean you can set the exact budget of your champaign, from even $4 a day.

Asking Users What Information they Need

Understanding what your customers need and want is an essential in improving your business and gaining prospects. For example, if you were to survey 20 users and they all had difficulty finding your contact page on your website, they may choose not to do business with you. Or rather, surveying users and understanding any issues or criticism they have, can help you understand what problems are present – to help you fix them.

Implementing these tactics can be time consuming, despite being budgeted. We can help you develop a marketing plan at an affordable price, depending on what services you need. Our team provide a range of services including, digital marketing campaigns, website development and maintenance, along with SEO services.


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