Website Design

At South Coast Digital Marketing, with our team of designers, developers and marketers, we love building practical websites that support clients’ marketing and website needs. We understand exactly which areas of web design we can refine to capture the attention of your target audience and convert them into clients.

If you are in the market for affordable web design, look no further. If you own a business large or small, or a community organisation large or small and need help from a company that can get you results, South Coast Digital Marketing is here.

If you could win more customers through a stronger online presence but can’t find the time or are unable to sift through the endless sea of options, we can provide a solution.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a strong website design amounts from little to nothing if you aren’t showing up on the first page of Google. South Coast Digital Marketing is well versed in SEO and knows how invaluable it is for your website to be constantly generating traffic to convert into leads.

South Coast Digital Marketing team knows exactly how to follow the latest in SEO rules, practices and how to apply this to our writers content so that your own website pulls in your target audience while also ensuring that each website is as user friendly as possible.

If you want more website traffic to your website or unsure how many visitors you are getting, we’d love to help where we can.

Google & Facebook Ads

With so many potential clients being online, it’s vital to be reaching as many people in your target audience through focused ads and campaigns as well as Google and Facebook where the two titans in this field.

Google Ads operates under a PPC (pay-per-click) model which means marketers focus on a specific keyword and be found by users searching for their keyword. Facebook ads takes this one step further by giving its users a whole range of markers to choose from such as age, demographic, location and profile information, meaning you can be even more laser focused on your audience.

At South Coast Digital Marketing, we are well versed in both platforms. So if you are looking into Google or Facebook ads, give us a call and we’ll get you sorted.

Digital & Marketing Strategy

A business can only grow and thrive through a well-thought-out and implemented strategy. For any businesses, their Digital and Marketing Strategy is vital to their success so this must be at the forefront of the owners/managers minds.

At South Coast Digital Marketing, with our vast wealth of experience, we can help you formulate, plan and execute a strong Digital and Marketing Strategy that will help cultivate leads and prospects then drive those leads and prospects through your sales pipeline to an eventual sale.

If you think your Digital or Marketing Strategy needs to be rebuilt from the ground up or could be improved, please contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting to talk about how we can revamp your strategy.

Social Media

You might already have a killer website but it seems impossible to funnel potential customers to your site? Here’s where social media fills the gaps in leading more people to your website.

At South Coast Digital Marketing, our team of social media specialists can help develop and implement a social media strategy to help you drive potential customers and clients to your website through the use of social media posts, photos, articles and videos.

We can help you identify where your prospective clients are and what types of content they will respond to help ensure your time and effort. Social media  isn’t in vain. If you want some advice, feel free to reach out.

Branding & Design

Your brand is what separates you from the pack. At South Coast Digital Marketing, we understand that this is what makes your business unique. Having a strong brand with a well-thought-out design means you are making sure you are distinguishing yourself from the competition.

Our team of designers and developers can build your brand and design it from the ground up or revamp your current strategy if that’s what’s best. We have a wealth of knowledge in building and designing brands so we are able to draw on this knowledge to create a brand that is like no other.

If you think your brand needs revamping, please feel free to contact us and we’ll arrange a time that suits both parties to discuss the next best steps.

Content & Campaigns

At South Coast Digital Marketing, we understand that content is king. If you aren’t creating and engaging any useful content for your clients and customers, they’ll stop engaging with your site or page as it offers no value to them.

It’s crucial to have engagement and “valuable” content as it might be the distinguishing characteristic between your business and your local competitors.

Our team of professional writers at South Coast Digital Marketing can help you guarantee you are creating the right content and putting it out through the relevant channels.

If your content feels a bit stale or isn’t providing you with the results you expected, please contact us so we can help your content with a needed boost.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a saturated area of marketing but if you are able to create the right kind of email content and push it to the right audience, it can be a highly effective and valuable marketing tool in generating leads and new clients for your business.

It can be a little overwhelming diving into email marketing without having a few things first (solid content and a list of interested clients/customers/prospects) but with the help of  South Coast Digital Marketing, we can make the jump as smooth as possible.

 If you are interested in getting started or revamping your current email marketing strategy, please feel free to contact us and we’ll arrange a time for a meeting either in person or over zoom.

Sales & Marketing and CRM

Strong sales and marketing and pillars of a thriving, successful business and implementing a good CRM platform makes sales tracking and marketing efforts much simpler. We can help determine which aspects of your sales and marketing aren’t working to their fullest potential.

At South Coast Digital Marketing, we are adept in using CRM platforms. We can help you identify which platform is best for your businesses’ needs and get all your staff set up and familiar with the software – so it’s a simple and smooth transition.

If you think your sales or marketing might need a boost through the use of CRM software, please let us know and we will arrange a time to chat either in person or over zoom.

Some of Our Featured Clients

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