A Service Page that showcases what you do.

Your customers may know your name, but do they know what you do?

Services Pages play a vital role in how your website operates and how quickly and effectively your customers can find what you do and how you do it. Without displaying your services on your website many potential customers can get frustrated in not finding what they want and leave your website and business.

When designing and writing your Services Pages it is important to display exactly how you can assist your customers and find a solution to their problems. 

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One Page or Many?

Should you list all your services on just one page or on multiple pages? The answer, surprisingly, is both. We’ve found its best to have one page that contains all the services you offer as well as an individual page for each service. On the main services page you can add a short description of each service, and you can create a link which takes users to a separate page specifically for that service. This can be built over time, as your business grows.

The important thing is, website users are exposed to every service you offer before they seek out the one they originally came for.


Describe and List

On the services page, make sure you describe and list what benefit each service offers. In addition, it’s a good idea to list some common problems and then describe how your service can fix them.

We call those ‘pain points’. Users are more likely to seek your service if you can identify a problem they may have experienced. After all, your services are their to offer a solution.


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The Ideal Opening Statement

Given that you only have a few seconds to grab users’ attention, creating a strong opening statement is vital. Start with something that speaks directly to your experience, trustworthiness, or dependability. It’s the reason why many companies proudly boast “20 years’ experience” or claim to have “built over 50 websites.”

Make sure you design an opening statement that captures the attention of the user, highlighting the best attributes of your company and the services you offer.


Establishing Trust

Building trust can be hard, but your Services Pages can be a great way assure users that they can trust in your services. There are two ways to do this. The first (and easiest) way is to display the logos of the companies who have previously sought your services. This works well if you’re a professional business or any other business that offers services to other businesses.

If you provide services to individuals, testimonials are a great way to go. Both of these elements establish trust before the user has even begun to do their own research.

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website design south coast digital marketing

Linking Throughout

Internal linking ensures that your Services Pages is correctly linked to your other content pages and blog posts. This gives your website more authority, whilst assisting with SEO.

As a general rule, if you mention a service somewhere on your website, provide a link back to that Services Page. Make sure that this works both ways, so that users can easily move between different pages without becoming ‘lost’ in your website.


Optimising for SEO

Optimising for SEO doesn’t have to be a technical nightmare. The importance of effective SEO cannot be understated. You need to make sure your service page is focused on one keyword or phrase so that the on page content is optimised. You need to have your page title, headings, image tags and content containing that one keyword or phrase.

Plus don’t forget to make sure your Meta description (what you see when you do a search on google) contains the keyword as well. While the Meta description doesn’t help with your search ranking, a good Meta description will contain the keyword and encourage the visitor to click on your link in the google search and go to your Services Page.

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