SEO FAQs – the most asked questions

These include some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) we receive on SEO. This blog is designed to help you understand what it is, the importance of this service and how we can help your business.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a websites visibility and ranking when a search is conducted on keywords or their business title. It is a digital marketing strategy that improves a sites’ performance in terms of being found and accessed.

How does it work?

There are two areas that can categorise SEO tactics. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is a form of strategy that comes straight from your site. Google’s crawler bots search all the pages of the internet to find site they think users would find useful. They can deem it being useful through having a responsive site, being mobile friendly, including the same key words, structure of your site, using H1 tags in headings and many other factors.

Off-page SEO includes actions that occur outside of your own site that can impact how you rank. It is often viewed as other sites vouching for the credibility of your own. Backlinks are one of the most important links that can influence ranking factors. This involves hyperlinks to your site on other people’s websites. This could include having guest include your site in their blog. Outbound links are links that you include to other websites, such as a research source or related pieces of content. Lastly, internal links involve going from one page to another on your site. This could include linking from the services you provide to a blog highlighting a customers experience of your service.

Should you buy backlinks?

The simple answer is NO. Even though this does appear to be the easiest and ‘cheaper’ deal that can tempt you into thinking this will help rank your site higher and gain the traffic, it is not helpful. In fact, it works against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines leading to a lower ranking, as it often is seen as cheating or misleading the search engine organisation who puts their customer experience first. The risk to reward ratio is not worth both the time and money that could be used by an experience SEO service provider who can build creditable backlinks and promote higher traffic generation.

Why is SEO important?

To put it simply, it helps your business. By improving the ranking of your website on Google, it will lead you with generated traffic and improve the extent of customers who follow through with an action your site provides (such as emailing or calling you). Google does this to keep it fair between multiple businesses being searched rather than paying for the position (especially for local communities who may have multiple similar businesses such as plumbers or other trades).

How to conduct SEO strategies?

Before diving into the multiple strategies that can help improve your site, you should conduct a website audit on your website (we recommend you being honest in your own answers). From there you can understand the needed adjustments. Some strategies you can embed into your site include:

  • Producing regular structured content through a blog
  • Improving title tags
  • Optimising key words throughout your site
  • Understand the position of your competitors
  • Readjust the structure of your site through creating new pages
  • Build internal links
  • Build external links
  • Revise content on your site (what is written, the length, the structure and keywords used)
  • Embedded social media
  • Adjust the loading speed of your site

Why is site speed important?

The speed in which your site loads can play a big role in your ranking and how users interact with your site. The expectation of users has risen in the last few years with most people abandoning a site if it does not load in 4 seconds. Search engine bots, including the ones used by Google will determine this as a negative factor if it does not load fast enough as it affects user experience.

Can’t I just Buy Google Ads?

Although Google Ads can be useful, you must optimise the keywords used within the ads to ensure you are getting your moneys’ worth. Investing in such advertising can result in generating more ‘clicks’, but this is for a set period of time you pay for such methods. Overall, it is best to first set up your SEO ranking to be present on the first page of Google constantly and to then optimise your site with such direct advertisement ads.

Want to get more leads and clients?

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