Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, more commonly known as SEM is quite often a term that gets mixed up with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). While these two terms have a great deal of overlap, they are not the same thing. 

One of the primary differences between these two is the fact that SEO is concerned with organic search rankings, while SEM utilises the ability of paid search rankings. While some marketers prefer one over the other, these two are best used in conjunction with each other to produce the desired effect, whatever that may be. 

Search Engine Marketing involves paying to increase your SERP rankings (read our blog on SERP’s here https://bit.ly/3yxR6yZ) as opposed to waiting for this to happen organically. This is usually achieved through the use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements, that you would have seen on the top of most SERP’s. PPC simply means that the advertiser only pays once their Ads have been clicked on by a user, which ensures that they are able to directly see the results of their Ads instantly without worrying about how many leads this may generate. 

SEM is largely used due to its ease of access and high ROI to marketers and businesses alike. While SEO is a proven successful strategy for many, it also requires a great deal of time and effort to ensure the same return on investment. SEM therefore is particularly helpful to newer businesses that have not had the same amount of time as others to increase their organic rankings or to larger businesses that have a sizable marketing spend available. 

Search Engine Marketing is a great tool for businesses and marketers to use if they want to increase their online awareness or to grow their customer base. As is the case with most tools, it is up to the business to decide whether it will fit their particular needs or if SEO or a mix of the two will be more beneficial. At the end of the day, this may require some trial and error for the individual marketer or business.

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