Purpose and Website Design

Does your website have purpose and intent?

Your website has a massive impact on your business’ success. Most of your customers will visit your website before making a buying decision about a product or service. To ensure your website meets their needs, you need an effective website design. The first element in effective website design is purpose and intent.

Your purpose and intent provides a clear direction for your website. A clear intention can make your website feel customised and improve your user experience.

To incorporate purpose and intent into your website design, ask yourself the following questions:

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1. Who Is Your Website Going To Serve?

Your website should accommodate the needs of your target audience. Find out who your ideal customer is, and then tailor the elements of your website to appeal to that customer.

For example, if you are a builder, determine if your market niche is residential or commercial. Modify the images, language, and content on your website to appeal to customers in that niche.

2. How Is Your Website Going To Serve Your Customers?

Once you determine who your target audience is, determine how your website will serve them. Customers interact with a website because they have a goal.

Does your customer want to learn about your experience or reputation? Do they want an educational resource? Or does your customer want to find products? Define how your website will serve the needs of your target audience

website design south coast digital marketing
website design south coast digital marketing

3. What Is Your Compelling Message?

Your marketing message needs to communicate what your business does for your customer.

It must clearly explain why your business solves a problem or helps your customer achieve their goal. What makes your business unique?

Ensure your message is tailored to the audience you want to serve so that your customers will choose you every time!

4. What Is Your Opt-in Offer?

Once your customer has had a great experience on your website, what do you want them to do before they go?

An opt-in offer, such as a free guide or newsletter, is an incentive for your customer to further engage with your business. In exchange, your customer opts to share information about themselves, such as their email.

This opens a conversation, so you can continue to share information about your business and help customers make buying decisions in the future.


website design south coast digital marketing
website design south coast digital marketing

5. Does Your Offer Solve At Least ONE Problem?

The value of your business is not about how great you are, but rather how well you solve problems for your customers. Make sure your opt-in offer solves a problem for the type of person you want to attract to your site. The options are limitless, but by focusing your guide on one problem you will get more qualified leads and be seen as a “useful supplier”.

For example, if you are an electrician looking for lighting work maybe offer a guide explaining the difference between cold and warm lighting and when it’s best to use either one of them. Or it may be a plumber’s guide to show home owners how to check for potential drainage issues, a lawyer’s guide on what to do before you sell or buy a property or a physio’s guide to core exercises to help your posture and prevent back issues.


A Better Website For Your Business

So remember if you want to drive traffic to your website and boost sales, consider the purpose and intent of your website. If you need some more help in designing an effective website for your business, catch episode 3 next week or relook at Episode One of Website Wednesdays to learn more about the key elements in effective website design.

Want more? We also have a free guide that will allow you to do a DIY evaluation on your website. Just click on the button below to download.




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