Digital Marketing Project Details

Ziggy Mason Property

Ziggy Mason Real Estate of the South Coast offers comprehensive real estate services, helping numerous clients buy, sell and lease property. However, their outdated website failed to reflect their professionalism or expertise adequately – prompting them to partner with South Coast Digital Marketing on creating an improved design to increase their online presence and attract prospective clients.

The Challenge

Ziggy Mason faced an uphill task when developing its website design to set itself apart from competitors while providing users with an enhanced experience. Their previous website featured outdated design which made locating properties clients were interested in difficult. Furthermore, mobile device optimisation prevented potential clients from easily accessing content or services offered on this platform.

South Coast Digital Marketing was given the task of designing a website to address Ziggy Mason’s challenges, beginning by conducting an in-depth client needs evaluation and identifying any areas needing improvement. They worked closely with Ziggy Mason’s team in understanding their brand values before creating an appropriate web presence to reflect these.

The Solution

The new website design was sleek and modern, featuring intuitive navigation and clear calls-to-action. Their design team also implemented an easy search function so customers could locate properties based on various criteria including price, location and features – as well as making the content mobile-friendly so customers could access their information from smartphones or tablets easily.


Ziggy Mason Property


Real Estate Agency


WordPress and Google Analytics

Time Frame

3-4 weeks


Ziggy Mason’s new website design yielded significant improvements across several areas. First, traffic increased significantly thanks to enhanced user experience and search engine optimisation efforts; engagement rates rose as customers spent longer browsing properties on the website; finally, it generated leads to sales for Ziggy Mason.

Customers appreciate the website’s modern design, intuitive navigation and user-friendly search functionality. Customers find it easier than ever before to assess and compare properties presented visually on its homepage; mobile responsiveness ensured customers could access content and services anytime anywhere from any mobile device – providing customers an enjoyable user experience!


Ziggy Mason’s new website design marked an enormous leap forward over their old site. South Coast Digital Marketing collaborated closely with the Ziggy Mason team in designing an attractive website optimised for search engines – one which generated increased traffic, engagement, leads, and helped cement Ziggy Mason in the South Coast real estate market.

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