Digital Marketing Project Details

Watkins Tapsell

Watkins Tapsell is a multidisciplinary legal firm that engaged us to partner with them in a major rebranding exercise. Their company focus is on offering clients more than just legal support – it is all about building quality client relationships alongside providing outstanding professional legal services.

The rebranding project was comprehensive and involved us working closely with their designer to create a new logo, select a new colour scheme, and develop a whole new website design.  


Although the design of the website itself is a complex structure catering for a broad range of services, we developed it for ease-to-use navigation by users who are likely to be unfamiliar with the specific kind of legal advice they require – e.g., family, commercial, employee, or other specific areas.

Website Design and Digital Marketing Results

The restructured, search engine optimised (SEO) website design– separates personal and business law, allowing quick identification and selection of services within both. Users can easily access a variety of useful free resources from within the website. Another feature encourages users to engage with community events run by Watkins Tapsell to provide quick advice or recommendations on legal queries and issues. Accessibility is enhanced by direct links to specific individuals within the organisation from their photo on the website, making the whole user experience more personal and less formal.

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Watkins Tapsell


Legal Services


WordPress, Eventbrite, Mailchimp and Google Analytics

Time Frame

6-7 weeks