Digital Marketing Project Details

Vavedo Visual

Vavedo Visual, a Virtual Reality company with the purpose of improving client experiences within the building industry, takes building plans or architectural drawings and turns them into 3D online walkthroughs that allow clients to tour through each space before construction even starts. They collaborate with design professionals, building companies and trades to offer this enhanced client journey experience for everyone involved in any construction project.

The Challenge

Vavedo Visual’s primary challenge lay in communicating their unique service and value proposition to their target audience. Since there concept is  new in the building industry, they needed an intuitive website design that effectively conveyed this information while offering potential clients an enjoyable user-experience. Furthermore, their clients can access and (test drive) a 3D walkthrough.

Website Design Solution

South Coast Digital Marketing was engaged by Vavedo Visual to assist them with creating a website design which would reflect their services and value proposition effectively. They began by understanding Vavedo Visual’s goals, objectives and target audience before designing an intuitive site which effectively conveyed this information while creating user-friendly experiences for potential clients.

The new website design included high-quality images with a clean and modern aesthetic, made mobile-responsive so prospective clients could access their services from any device, and optimized its structure and content in order to increase search engine ranking and online presence.

Vavedo Visual’s goal was to showcase their services with a portfolio section on their website that featured their 3D visualizations in an easy way for potential clients.


South Coast Digital Marketing’s newly designed website for Vavedo Visual has made an exemplary difference to their online presence, being mobile responsive, user-friendly and effectively communicating their unique services and value proposition to potential clients.

Vavedo Visual’s portfolio section makes it easier for potential clients to view and engage with its 3D visualizations, leading to more inquiries and leads from interested parties. Meanwhile, their experience in Architecture and their building contacts helps establish Vavedo Visual as an industry leader, leading to greater brand recognition and credibility for Vavedo Visual as an organization.


South Coast Digital Marketing was successful in designing a website design that met Vavedo Visual’s requirements and exceeded their expectations. Their new mobile-responsive, user-friendly site showcases their services effectively while optimizing it for search engines has significantly increased inquiries and leads generated online resulting in successful goals accomplished with their new web presence.

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Vavedo Visual


Virtual Reality Company


WordPress and Google Analytics

Time Frame

3-4 weeks