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Think Tank Digital Marketing

Think Tank Digital specialises in the coordination of social media marketing. With a focus on collaborating with clients from various industries, TTD aims to build each client a strong target market that will continue to engage with the business.

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When Think Tank first approached our business, their old website lacked any form of security which can create a risk of being hacked or tampered with. To ensure that their business was not interrupted as our design team developed the new site, we built the platform on a ‘test server’ to ensure all content was complete before being signed off.


The major challenge face was optimising a new modern site while maintaining their current high ranking on Google. Our team of website designers were able to effectively coordination this change to maintain their positioning while optimising the site to be mobile-friendly. Clients visiting the site can now easily access links to their social media accounts and sign up for newsletters.


Does your website lack essential security? We can help and we want to hear from you.


Think Tank Digital Marketing


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Time Frame

2-3 weeks

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