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Think Tank Digital Marketing

Think Tank Digital is a digital marketing agency specialising in social media marketing and content creation. They had a template-built website that didn’t allow then to optimise for google searches properly and reach their desired volume of customers. They required a new website that showcased all their offerings effectively including their product range and services.


We had the task of developing a website for Think Tank Digital that had a clear structure,  while simultaneously effectively showcasing their services to potential clients online.

Their previous template-built site wasn’t optimised for search engines which made it hard for potential clients to find them and it lacked clear navigation. South Coast Digital Marketing simplified the navigation and created a more user-friendly accessible website.

Website Design Solution

South Coast Digital Marketing was hired to develop a new webiste for Think Tank Digital with a better user experience,  that would demonstrate their services effectively and allowed them to update it regularly. South Coast Digital Marketing created a modern, professional design which met every one of these specifications.

The new website design included high-quality images and clear calls-to-action in addition to a clean and modern aesthetic. They utilized advanced SEO techniques in order to increase its search engine rankings and visibility online; using sophisticated optimisation strategies they ensured their site was optimised specifically for Google, leading to significant increases in online visibility and search engine ranking results.

South Coast Digital Marketing created a dedicated services page to showcase Think Tank Digital’s services and add case studies and client testimonials throughout the website to show their experience and expertise within this industry.


South Coast Digital Marketing’s redesign has had an immense impact on Think Tank Digital’s online presence. Potential clients are easily finding Think Tank Digital online while their user experience has also been significantly enhanced resulting in greater engagement and conversions.

Think Tank Digital’s dedicated projects page has enabled them to effectively showcase all the clients they work with and demonstrate expertise in their field, an about page to show off their team, a news page that is simple, quick and could display their content creation. Clear call to actions throughout the website and an integrated social media section. Being a social media agency, this social media integration was extreemly important.

Think Tank Digital’s website redesign has helped them achieve their aim of increasing online exposure and expanding business operations.


South Coast Digital Marketing was able to deliver a website design that met and exceeded Think Tank Digital’s needs and expectations, has helped them achieve their aim of showcasing their services effectively, increasing online exposure and expanding business operations.

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Think Tank Digital Marketing


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Time Frame

2-3 weeks