Digital Marketing Project Details

Sonic Sight

Sonic Sight, located in Sydney and established since 1993, has long been known for their award-winning video production work across numerous industries. They specialise in corporate, schools, government and fundraising videos which capture audiences with compelling storytelling – producing hundreds of them since 1993 alone.

South Coast Digital Marketing was hired by Sonic Sight to design a fast, user-friendly website to showcase their range of video content and they exceeded those expectations with the website design created.

The Challenge

Sonic Sight’s primary challenge was developing a website that was quick, user-friendly, and featured an abundance of video content. Their previous site was slow, failing to represent their video production work as effectively. For them it was paramount to develop something faster that provided better user experiences to clients and visitors alike.

The Design Solution

South Coast Digital Marketing was given the task of designing a new website design for Sonic Sight. They started by learning their goals, objectives, target audience and designing something which would be fast loading, easy navigational experience while simultaneously showcasing Sonic Sight’s video production work.
The new website design included videos and had an upbeat, modern appearance. They used high-resolution images with fast loading times for optimal use; mobile responsive design allowed visitors to access it from all types of devices.
To make their website easy for customers to navigate, they created an intuitive design with user-friendly navigation elements such as an easy menu and clear call-to-action buttons that encourage action on part of users. Furthermore, their site was optimised for search engines making it simpler for prospective clients to locate Sonic Sight online.


South Coast Digital Marketing’s revamp of Sonic Sight’s website design has had an immediate and dramatic effect on their online presence, becoming faster, easier to navigate, and showcasing Sonic Sight’s video production work more prominently than before. Furthermore, traffic to Sonic Sight has increased.

Sonic Sight’s user-friendly website and clear call-to-action buttons have made it simpler for potential clients to contact them, while optimisation for search engines has greatly increased visibility online resulting in leads and sales increases.


South Coast Digital Marketing was successful in designing a website design to satisfy Sonic Sight’s requirements and surpass their expectations. Their new site is faster, simpler to navigate and showcases their video production work much more prominently than previously. Furthermore, search engine optimisation has led to an increase in traffic, leads and sales; making their new design an effective platform. Overall, it has helped Sonic Sight strengthen their online presence and gain more success online.

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Sonic Sight


Video Production


WordPress / Google Anaytics / Mailchimp

Time Frame

10-12 weeks