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Sig Tech is a marine electronic project services company based in South East Queensland. With over 25 years of experience, the company has become a leading player in the industry, offering a range of services such as marine electronics installation, custom design, project management, and consultancy services. Sig Tech has been continuously striving to enhance their online presence, which led them to hire South Coast Digital Marketing for a website redesign project.

The Challenge

Sig Tech’s existing website was outdated and did not reflect their professionalism and expertise. The design was disorganized and difficult for visitors to navigate effectively, making finding relevant information challenging. Furthermore, its mobile friendly nature limited audience reach. In order to address these challenges effectively, they hired South Coast Digital Marketing as their partner in designing a new design to fit Sig Tech’s business requirements.


South Coast Digital Marketing created a website design for Sig Tech that aligned with their business goals and objectives, reflecting their expertise in marine electronics. With easy navigation that made finding relevant information swiftly, as well as being fully responsive on any device (mobile phone and tablets included), they achieved their objective successfully.

South Coast Digital Marketing took steps to maximize user experience on Sig Tech’s new website by including social media links, testimonials and an FAQ section into its new design. In addition, they added high-resolution images and videos showcasing projects and services offered by Sig Tech.


Sig Tech’s new website design has been transformative, helping the company establish an enhanced online presence and broaden its audience reach. Its modern yet professional appearance has increased credibility while simultaneously increasing user engagement; leading to an increase in website traffic and inquiries while simultaneously decreasing bounce rate.


South Coast Digital Marketing assisted Sig Tech with meeting its business goals by creating a website design tailored specifically to their brand and goals. Sig Tech now showcases their expertise and professionalism more effectively online, leading to increased business inquiries and traffic. If you want to boost your online presence today, reach out to South Coast Digital Marketing now for a website that fits perfectly into their plans for you.

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Marine Electronic Project Services


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Time Frame

3-4 weeks