Digital Marketing Project Details

Red Car Driving

Red Car Driving School, a local business providing learner driving training for students, wanted to establish their credibility in the market and connect with potential customers online. They sought a new website design that would showcase their services and stand out from competition – South Coast Digital Marketing came on board to develop one tailored specifically to Red Car’s needs and that attracted new clients.

The Challenge

Red Car Driving School required a new website that was user-friendly, visually attractive and visually informative in order to establish their credibility in the market and demonstrate their expertise in learner driving training. They needed something optimized for search engines as well as mobile devices.


South Coast Digital Marketing conducted a detailed audit of Red Car Driving School’s website and online presence, working closely with their business owner to understand their goals, needs, and design requirements before implementing a website that was visually pleasing with clear calls-to-action and informative content that showcased Red Car’s expertise in learner driving training.

The design team ensured the website was optimized for search engines, ranking highly for key terms that customers were likely searching for and making it easy for visitors to access from any device. In addition, responsive and mobile-friendly designs were implemented so visitors could access it from all types of devices easily.


Red Car Driving School’s new website design resulted in significant improvements across several areas, such as quick and easy navigation with clear call-to-action prompting visitors to contact them for more information. Furthermore, its search engine rankings increased dramatically resulting in increased traffic and visibility.

Red Car Driving School was delighted with South Coast Digital Marketing’s results and appreciated their professional expertise and ongoing support, including regular reports to keep them abreast of their online performance.


In conclusion, Red Car Driving School’s partnership with South Coast Digital Marketing resulted in significant improvements in their online performance. The new website design helped them establish their credibility in the market and attract new customers. If you’re a business looking to improve your website and digital marketing performance, consider partnering with South Coast Digital Marketing.

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Red Car Driving


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Time Frame

3-4 weeks