Digital Marketing Project Details

Pivot & Prosper

Pivot & Prosper of Nowra, offers comprehensive bookkeeping services. They have experience and extensive knowledge regarding bookkeeping, payroll services and compliance requirements for Australian small businesses. Pivot & Prosper turned to South Coast Digital Marketing because their website wasn’t optimised well for Google; South Coast Digital Marketing then created an entirely new website using clear navigation that showcased who Pivot & Prosper works with and their services so potential clients could find and contact them easily.

The Challenge

South Coast Digital Marketing was engaged by Pivot & Prosper to help meet its challenges, particularly their old website built using an inexpensive website builder platform which limited customisation options, making it difficult to showcase services and clients effectively and resulting in poor Google ranking and being difficult to locate in local searches.

South Coast Digital Marketing helped Pivot & Prosper overcome these hurdles with the creation of a website that features their services in an easily understandable format, along with prominently displayed clients they work with – an approach which allows visitors to easily understand all they offer to local businesses in particular.

Overall, South Coast Digital Marketing’s website for Pivot & Prosper has enabled them to overcome challenges and expand their business. Their new site features easy navigation, showcases client testimonials, and ranks in the top three on Google, enabling them to draw in new clients while expanding reach within local communities.


South Coast Digital Marketing collaborated closely with Pivot Prosper to identify their goals and target audience before creating an easy-to-navigate website that showcased all their services – created using WordPress for maximum customizability and update capabilities – as well as optimising it for Google search, increasing local results visibility.

South Coast Digital Marketing created an easier navigational experience for visitors of Pivot Prosper’s website by restructuring content and adding clear calls-to-action on every page, while creating an area to display clients and type of businesses they work with, helping build trust among potential clients and increase credibility with prospective ones.


South Coast Digital Marketing’s newly designed website for Pivot Prosper has proven an enormous success for them, ranking highly on Google for local keywords relevant to them and driving up website traffic exponentially. Furthermore, potential customers have reported finding the website easy to navigate while finding all information provided clear and succinctly.

South Coast Digital Marketing’s team continues to work closely with Pivot Prosper in optimizing and expanding upon their website, in order to enhance and strengthen their presence online.


South Coast Digital Marketing was able to assist Pivot Prosper in overcoming their online difficulties and create a website which showcased their services, clients and was optimised for Google search – the result being they now rank highly on Google, receive more enquiries through their website, and have built up credibility among potential customers.

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Pivot & Prosper


Bookkeeping and Payroll Services


WordPress and Google Analytics

Time Frame

3-4 weeks