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Medicall Alarms

Medicall Alarms of South Nowra is a family-run business providing 24-hour medical alert services and personal emergency alarms for retirement villages, housing providers and individuals living independently. Combining cutting-edge Talius monitoring technology with top-quality customer service ensures they provide outstanding emergency response services – however their old website was outdated, difficult to use, not optimised for search engines, making reaching potential clients challenging – in response they turned to South Coast Digital Marketing for help in reaching potential clients more effectively.

The Challenge

Medicall Alarms required a new website that showcased their expansive services, from personal alarms and Talius monitoring technology, to visual appeal and search engine optimisation. Their goal was for it to be easy for visitors to navigate while providing clear details on benefits provided and working processes; additionally, it must also be responsive so as to be accessible on all mobile devices.


South Coast Digital Marketing worked in close cooperation with Medicall Alarms to create a modern website that met all their specifications. The website was made visually appealing, easy-to-navigate and offer clear calls-to-action and prominent contact info; additionally, it had responsive design to allow access from all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets as well as being optimised for search engines like Google to boost its presence online.

South Coast Digital Marketing provided clear details to show the value of their services by outlining how personal alarms and Talius monitoring technology works, along with benefits. Furthermore, Medicall Alarms could use their our clients section as a place where they could explain more on who they can help regarding services provided tailored specifically towards seniors and caregivers.


Medicall Alarms’ new website has proven an enormous success, drawing in new visitors and strengthening their online presence. Designed with user experience in mind, its easy navigation provides potential clients with all of the information needed. Plus, it is optimised for search engines making it simpler for potential clients to locate them online.


By working with South Coast Digital Marketing, Medicall Alarms was able to create a website that met all their specifications – it is visually appealing, user friendly and optimised for search engines – creating an improved online presence and increasing clientele.

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Medicall Alarms


Medical Alert Services & Emergency Alarms


WordPress and Google Analytics

Time Frame

3-4 weeks