Digital Marketing Project Details

Kimberlie & Co.

Kimberlie & Co is a leading commercial and residential cleaning company in the Shoalhaven they had been experiencing difficulty ranking on search engines due to an outdated and DIY website they developed themselves, so they reached out to South Coast Digital Marketing with hopes that we would develop them a site optimized for search engines while being user friendly – providing them with a new online presence and helping improve business operations overall.

The Challenge

Kimberlie & Co had one key challenge – developing a website optimized for search engines while still remaining user-friendly. Their previous site wasn’t mobile responsive, had poor navigation features and failed to provide crucial details about services provided – this hindered customer discovery online as it made it hard for potential clients to locate them and find out more about Kimberlie & Co.


South Coast Digital Marketing took on the task of designing Kimberlie & Co’s website from scratch. First, they spent time understanding both Kimberlie & Co’s goals and objectives as well as target audience before creating an SEO optimised and user-friendly design for them.

This new website design featured high-quality images with a minimalist and clean aesthetic, mobile responsive features to enable customers to access it from all types of devices, optimised search engine visibility online as well as optimisation to boost structure/content and SEO rankings and visibility on search engines.

To make their website user-friendly, they implemented an accessible navigation menu, clearly set out and displayed their varied services in commercial/residentual cleaning and gardening/landscape services, who their clients are and added a call-to-action button on their homepage to encourage visitors to request quotes or schedule appointments.

South Coast Digital Marketing’s redesign has had an immense effect on Kimberlie & Co’s online presence, by optimising it for search engines while remaining user-friendly – increasing traffic while decreasing bounce rate.


Kimberlie & Co’s user-friendly interface and clear call-to-action buttons have made it simpler for potential customers to contact Kimberlie & Co, while its optimisation for search engines has enhanced visibility online, leading to more leads and sales opportunities for Kimberlie & Co.


South Coast Digital Marketing was successful in meeting and exceeding Kimberlie & Co’s requirements with their website design project. Their new site is optimised for search engines and user friendly while better showcasing Kimberlie & Co services than before – leading to increased traffic, leads, and sales as a result. Overall, South Coast Digital Marketing helped Kimberlie & Co strengthen their online presence through this successful new design initiative.

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Kimberlie & Co.


Residential & Commerical Cleaners


WordPress and Google Analytics

Time Frame

3-4 weeks