Digital Marketing Project Details

Haven Retreats

Haven Retreats, a property management company offering holiday rentals, required a website that would enable them to list these holiday rentals with easy integration. They also required a backend portal in which to upload photos and property listings themselves, along with being cost effective and user friendly for their visitors. They were looking for an inexpensive yet simple solution in which they could effectively manage these holiday rental listings as sometimes property websites can be enomously expensive.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for Haven Retreats was to create a website that was simple, user-friendly, and allowed them to list their customers holiday rentals with ease. They needed a solution that would allow them to manage their holiday rentals and bookings effectively without incurring high costs.

Website Design Solution

South Coast Digital Marketing was approached to assist Haven Retreats develop a website to meet this challenge with seamless integration and provide them with a back-end portal where photos could be uploaded easily while managing property listings themselves. They designed an elegant user-friendly site which met all requirements set forth by Haven Retreats.

Haven Retreats’ newly designed website featured high-resolution images with a sleek, modern appearance, as well as an easily navigable backend portal to upload property listings, manage bookings and track payments easily. Furthermore, an online booking system was integrated to enable customers to book directly through their website.


As part of their efforts to provide an economically feasible solution, South Coast Digital Marketing incorporated an open-source content management system (CMS). This allowed for simple customisation and development; furthermore, they optimised its structure and content in order to increase search engine ranking and online visibility.

South Coast Digital Marketing’s newly designed website design for Haven Retreats has had an enormously positive impact on their online presence, being user-friendly and effectively showing potential customers their holiday rental options.

Haven Retreats’ back-end portal makes managing holiday rental bookings and reservations much simpler, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. Haven Retreats found using an open-source CMS an efficient and cost-cutting way of developing their site – saving them both time and money in development and customisation efforts.


South Coast Digital Marketing was successful in creating a website design that met Haven Retreats’ requirements and their expectations. Their new site design is user-friendly and effectively promotes their holiday rentals to potential customers; additionally, search engine optimisation increased Haven Retreats visibility online leading to more inquiries and leads generated online resulting in more inquiries for prospective bookings resulting in overall success of Haven Retreats website design in helping achieve their goals.

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Haven Retreats


Holiday Rental Agency


WordPress and Google Analytics

Time Frame

3-4 weeks