Digital Marketing Project Details

Diversi Consulting

Diversi Consulting is an innovative professional engineering firm that specialises in creative engineering solutions across civil, structural, hydraulic and environmental fields – as well as being listed under Local Government Panel LGP1208-4 Professional Consulting Services panel arrangement.

They approached South Coast Digital Marketing to optimise and organise their website so as to generate more leads and sales; additionally, they required assistance with email marketing campaigns as well as their CRM project.

The Challenge

Diversi Consulting had struggled to find a cost effective company that could update their website and provide them with marketing guidence. They also required to make regular updates themselves to the website so it stayed current. Furthermore, they required assistance with email marketing campaigns in order to effectively generate leads and sales leads more effectively.

Diversi Consulting hired South Coast Digital Marketing as their partner to address these challenges. To begin with, they optimized and organized their website in order to enhance user experience and increase traffic; then using advanced SEO techniques they made sure the website would rank highly with search engines resulting in greater online visibility, leading to additional leads and sales opportunities.


South Coast Digital Marketing provided Diversi Consulting with the marketing strategy and contract marketing services that helped build their client base and create more awareness of their organisation.

South Coast Digital Marketing marketing contract services included webiste changes, website updates, email marketing and CRM projects and marketing strategy. we also provided them with socila media content via LinkedIn and Facebook.


South Coast Digital Marketing’s efforts have had an immensely positive influence on Diversi Consulting’s business. Their new website design has greatly enhanced user engagement and conversions while their optimisation increased online visibility, yielding new leads and sales leads.

Diversi Consulting’s email marketing and CRM project has proved instrumental to their growth. Their new CRM system has allowed them to streamline the sales process while managing customer data more effectively.


Diversi Consulting turned to South Coast Digital Marketing because their goal was generating leads and sales, strengthening online visibility and expanding business operations. Thanks to them, Diversi has realised their goals of growing leads and sales as well as strengthening online visibility while expanding business operations.

South Coast Digital Marketing’s expertise and knowledge enables them to assist building and construction businesses such as Diversi Consulting with optimising their website to generate leads and sales.

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Diversi Consulting


Project & Design Management


HubSpot and Google Analytics

Time Frame

3-4 weeks