Digital Marketing Project Details

Culburra Beach Chamber of Commerce

Culburra Beach Chamber of Commerce had an outdated website which hadn’t been maintained regularly over several years, which they needed in order to promote and showcase local businesses to tourists, the local community and other businesses, to provide a platfrom for local businesses to join the chamber, as well as have a local business directory. South Coast Digital Marketing were approached for help developing an updated platform which would meet these objectives and achieve all their desired goals.


The Challenge

Our primary objective was to develop a website design for Culburra Beach Chamber of Commerce which would promote local businesses both to tourists and in the Culburra Beach and surrounding community. Their previous site had become outdated, unusable and lacking essential details about local services available which made it hard for potential customers to locate local vendors as well as learn more about what services were provided by each business.It also lacked a searchable business directory. 


South Coast Digital Marketing took on the task of redesigning the Culburra Beach Chamber of Commerce website. After thoroughly understanding their goals and objectives as well as target audience, South Coast created a design which promoted local businesses both to visitors and within their local community. It now has a business directory where visitors can search by category or by business making it much more user-friendly.

The new website design included high-quality images with an elegant and modern aesthetic. Furthermore, mobile-responsiveness enabled potential customers to access it from any device while optimising content structure to boost search engine rank and online visibility.

To promote local businesses, they created an online directory featuring them with information such as their location, contact details and services offered – making it easier for potential customers to locate and contact these local companies.

They promote local business events and activities to  members of their communities. This helped promote businesses that catered to both tourists and residents.


South Coast Digital Marketing’s newly designed website design for Culburra Beach Chamber of Commerce has had an immense effect on their online presence, becoming mobile responsive, user friendly, and providing vital promotion of local businesses to both visitors and residents alike.

The business directory makes it easier for potential customers to locate and contact local businesses, leading to more leads and sales for local firms.


South Coast Digital Marketing was successful in creating a website design that fully met Culburra Beach Chamber of Commerce’s needs and expectations, including being mobile responsive, user friendly, promoting local businesses to both tourists and the local community, optimized for search engines with increased leads/sales conversion. Overall, their new design has proven itself an asset towards helping Culburra Beach Chamber of Commerce meet their goals and reach success.

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Culburra Beach Chamber of Commerce


Culburra Business Community


WordPress and Google Analytics

Time Frame

4-5 weeks