Digital Marketing Project Details

Bare Essentials

Bare Essentials, a newly established disability support services business based out of Illawarra, quickly earned itself a strong reputation within their region for offering exceptional care and assistance to people living with disabilities. Recognizing their need to establish an impressive online presence so as to reach more potential clients, Bare Essentials collaborated with South Coast Digital Marketing on creating a website design which enhanced their presence online while drawing more potential clients in.


As a new business, Bare Essentials faced several difficulties when creating their online presence. First and foremost was creating a website design that accurately represented their brand and values; secondly it needed to be user-friendly and accessible to people with disabilities; finally it needed to help rank higher on search engines and increase online visibility.


South Coast Digital Marketing collaborated closely with Bare Essentials to design a website that met their requirements. Our design team produced a site that accurately represented Bare Essentials’ brand and values with an attractive, easy to navigate design that met WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards for people with disabilities who were using the site.

South Coast Digital Marketing provided SEO optimization of Bare Essentials website to maximize search engine results pages (SERPs). Their design team also implemented a content strategy geared toward targeting specific disability support services in Illawarra region; this helped increase Bare Essentials online visibility and attract more potential clients.


Bare Essentials’ newly designed website resulted in significant enhancements across several areas, notably traffic growth due to improved search engine rankings and online visibility; user experience improvements with higher engagement rates and longer average session durations; as well as more inquiries and leads, helping expand their business and establish them as an Illawarra-based disability support provider.

Clients were thrilled with Bare Essentials’ website’s professional design and user-friendly features, which allowed them to easily learn about its services and contact its team. Furthermore, its accessibility features received high marks from clients with disabilities who valued Bare Essentials’ efforts in creating an accessible site.


Bare Essentials’ new website design was an impressive upgrade over their prior site. South Coast Digital Marketing collaborated closely with them in designing something that accurately represented their brand and values, was accessible for people with disabilities, and optimized for search engines – ultimately resulting in increased traffic, engagement, leads, helping establish them as a prominent provider of disability support services in Illawarra region.

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Bare Essentials


Disability Support Service


WordPress, Local Listings, Google Analytics

Time Frame

4-5 weeks