Digital Marketing Project Details

Armitage Security

Armitage Security of Nowra provides advanced home and business security systems across the South Coast, offering cutting-edge protection. While they have earned themselves an exceptional reputation for providing high-quality security solutions, Armitage Security’s website design was outdated and lacking an intuitive user experience; as a result, they knew they required new website designs in order to provide their clients with exceptional user experiences while reaching wider audiences – thus engaging South Coast Digital Marketing as part of a website redesign project.

The Challenge

Armitage Security’s website design was outdated and did not reflect their brand or the quality of their security services. Furthermore, it lacked functionality making it hard for visitors to locate relevant information quickly. Furthermore, search engines were not optimized which limited online visibility.

South Coast Digital Marketing was given the task of redesigning it into an experience more user-friendly, visually pleasing, and search engine friendly design that will increase brand identity while increasing online visibility for Armitage Security.

The Solution

South Coast Digital Marketing created a new website design that perfectly aligned with Armitage Security’s brand identity and business goals. Their new look was clean, modern, and visually appealing making it easier for users to navigate and locate information quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, South Coast Digital Marketing optimized it for search engines so Armitage Security could reach wider audiences and expand their online visibility.

Our design team made sure the user experience was enhanced by including features like clear navigation, mobile responsiveness, integrated social media links and high-quality images and videos to showcase Armitage Security’s security solutions and services. Furthermore, South Coast Digital Marketing kept their content fresh to ensure an informative yet engaging user journey.


Armitage Security


Home and Business Security


WordPress and Google Analytics

Time Frame

3-4 weeks


Armitage Security’s newly designed website has made a profound impactful statement about their online presence and user engagement. Its modern, user-friendly design has increased credibility for the company as well as user engagement resulting in more website visits and inquiries, while increased search engine optimization visibility has spawned an unprecedented upsurge in inquiries for business opportunities.


South Coast Digital Marketing has successfully assisted Armitage Security to expand their online presence and broaden their audience by developing a website design in line with their brand identity and business goals. The result? An increase in user engagement, website traffic and business inquiries. If you want to boost your own presence online, reach out to South Coast Digital Marketing now to create a site designed specifically to what your company needs!

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