Optimise Your Review Signals

Stars Can Do More Than Make You Look Good


Google looks at Reviews as one of the signals to help rank various website pages. While potential customers use Reviews to decide if they want to visit your website and potentially buy from you. Clearly, it’s vital for businesses to have a great Review Strategy. 

This episode covers the five Review Strategies that are important to Google as signals when ranking website pages, so you can get more website traffic and enquiries. 


1. Are You a 5-Star or a 4-Star?

When someone searches for a business, Google presents the Local Map Pack. The Map Pack (or Local Pack) features three Google Business Profiles, deemed most worthy of this top billing, along with their star rating, customer reviews, and business details. 

If a business has a four or five-star rating, people are more likely to trust that business as they are seen to provide quality services and click through to a website. When Google sees more people going to a website page, they rank that website page higher!

2. Number of Reviews

The number of reviews you receive on Google is also important as a ranking signal as well as encouraging people to trust your business more.

It is great if your business has four or five-star reviews, but if you only have one or two vs your competitor’s twenty reviews, your business looks weak in comparison. 


3. Ask for Reviews!

You’ve got to ask for reviews. When people do business with you, once you have served or helped the customer, ask them to leave a review online. Try contacting them and saying, “Thanks for your business. Our business really depends on reviews, so I love it if you could leave us a review on Google – here is a link to my Google Business Profile.’

Ideally, also prompt them with what you want the review to say, “I love it if you can talk about our business and what we did for you.”. 

4. Respond To Reviews

A lot of people have reviews on their Google Business Profile, but they never respond to them. The first problem with this is that it looks like you do not care about customer feedback if you don’t respond.

The second is, that you miss out on the opportunity to put your keywords in the response. For example, ‘Thank you very much for your great feedback on our Website Design services. We loved working with you on your new website and SEO strategy.’


5. Don’t Game It

When businesses receive a bad review, they often waste lots of time trying to get the review taken down out of fear of bad public relations. Although negative reviews are sometimes inevitable, it is more important to spend your time flooding any negative reviews with many more positive reviews. 

Also, people often don’t believe if someone has a hundred five star reviews. A 4.x star ranking is much more believable. Be real and look at how you respond to both positive and negative reviews.

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