Need To Refresh Your Site? Here Are Some Ideas!

Have you been thinking about refreshing your website? It doesn’t necessarily require a complete overhaul of your website.  A few simple changes can have a big impact and help modernise your website.

Some Ways to Freshen Up your Website

Showcase your Work

Your business has likely achieved some milestones since your last website update.  You might have completed some new jobs, gained new clients, worked in a new area or accomplished other goals. Add these achievements to your website portfolio to showcase the work you have completed recently.  Consider adding a testimonial from a new client or showcase awards your business received.  These updates will demonstrate to customers that your business is thriving and continuously evolving.

Audit your Content

Audit your content to evaluate if it still reflects your business, products & services and target audience. Older content may simply require a quick update with your latest offerings.  Link older articles to newer articles to revitalise them.  Or if you find gaps in your content, consider creating new and engaging content that addresses your customers’ needs.  This will ensure customers can find you when they search for products or services related to your business.  Double check all information on each article and make sure it is correct such as contact details, company name and links before publishing online so no one gets lost along the process!

Refresh your Photos

High-quality images that reflect your business can set you apart from your competition.  Consider hiring an illustrator or photographer to replace stock photos with images that capture your brand.  Try refreshing old team photos with contemporary, authentic images of your current staff. Moreover, avoid using stock photos on articles; instead, use your own so you can ensure your website is unique and feels customised.  Curated images can be worth their weight in gold and act as a shortcut to achieving your marketing goals.

Analyse the Competition

Competition analysis can help you improve your own website.  Pay attention to the key areas of your competitors’ websites that are working, but also analyse what isn’t working.  Are they utilising new technologies like chatbots? What contributes the ‘street appeal’ on their website?  Try to precipitate the tangible factors that make their website successful.  Use the data to generate ideas for your business such as new technologies or content topics.  Be innovative & creative and apply your learnings to your own website.

Renew your Call-To-Action Buttons

A Call-to-Action (CTA) drives customers to complete a favourable action.  Your CTA buttons should be something that someone can’t help but click, such as ‘Try For Free’ or ‘Subscribe So You Never Miss a Post’.  A curated buttons will help clearly signpost the next steps the customer needs to complete and obtain the product or service they want. Reviewing your CTA buttons can have a large impact on the customer experience on your website.  Update your website and make sure every page has a clear call to action.

Review your Site Flow and Navigation

A customer that can’t easily find what they are looking for will quickly become frustrated by broken links or missing pages.  Consider using a third-party to review the site flow and ease of navigation on your website.  Make sure all the pages within your site connect correctly and test links to ensure they are still live.  Your customers will be much happier!

Update your Copyright Date

Customers value accurate and current information.  The copyright date is a simple way to convey to your audience that you prioritise your website and incorporate regular updates.  Check an easy one off the list: update that small line of text that sits patiently at the bottom of all your pages.

It May Be Time To Refresh Your Website?

Keep your website fresh and polished by updating your website annually.  This will help maximise functionality and improve your customer experience.  However, be clear on your goal, as you might find yourself getting confused or turning a simple refresh into a full website redesign.  A few small improvements can go a long way—you might just uncover some significant areas of improvement that will help grow your business.

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