Need To Refresh Your Site? Here Are Some Ideas!

Have you been thinking about refreshing your website? As a web designer, I can tell you that it takes more than just updating your site with new content to keep things fresh. If your website is looking dated or outdated, these are some ideas for ways to freshen up the look of your site without changing the actual design too much.

Showcase Your Work

If it has been a few months, a lot of things would have changed in your business. You might have completed some new jobs, gained new clients, working in a new area, endless possibilities. Updating your website portfolio with new, fresh work you have completed in the last few months will showcase to your clients that your business in continuously evolving. If you have started working with new clients, you may want to consider adding a testimonial section to highlight the good things your clients have to say about you.


Add Or Refresh Content

Is your business still communicating the right message? A close look at content on your site can tell you if there are any problems. Does this reflect who we are as a company and what it is that sets us apart from our competition?. One of the most important things to remember about your website is that it needs updating from time-to-time in order for you and other visitors are able to find what they’re looking for. Double check all information such as contact details, company name or even a phone number before publishing anything online so no one gets lost along their search process! Finally, be sure to add some fresh content. 


Refresh Your Photos

As you may be aware, photos are an essential part of your website. They help engage the user to interact with your site. Old, irrelevant photos can affect the look of your website. Try refreshing old team photos to new, high quality images. Or perhaps it is time to showcase your recent site work. Replacing stock images with your own photographs can help refresh your website and showoff your work. 


Check Out Competitors

When you’re evaluating areas where your website could improve, be sure to take another look at what’s happening in the industry as well. Are they doing something new with their sites? How responsive is it compared to yours and if not then maybe this will help push forward some ideas for next year’s redesign!


Design A New Call To Action Button

Check to make sure you have a variety of engaging, interesting and action-inspiring call to action buttons throughout your site. Review these examples such as “Buy Now”, “Join now” or even social sharing links like “Like us on Facebook” for extra points! In addition, make it clear where visitors should go next by using keyword rich anchors which link directly back into the desired page section they were browsing in order to increase conversions. 


Update Your Copyright Date

You know that important date in the footer of your website? The one where you need to update it with copyright information, but somehow we always forget and then have to deal with this for Christmas or when renewing our domain name next year. Well don’t worry – just make sure everything has an updated date at least once a year!


Is It Time To Refresh?

You’re sure to uncover a lot of areas that need improvement, but in the end, you’ll be happy you took the time to make a few adjustments and improvements. A nice-looking website is great, but unless it is easy to use and functions the way it’s supposed to, it will not provide you with the results you are looking for. If your business needs help refreshing their website or making other changes like SEO optimisation, we can help! Call us today at 02 4413 2590 for more information on our services.

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