Must Have’s When Building a website

When building or maintaining a website, these are some of the must have items to ensure your site is strong and successful.

Name, Address and Contact

Although these may be the basic steps when building a business – let alone a website- these are essential factors you need to include. Customers need information on who you are, where you are located and how to contact you for work. Make sure you keep this information always update if there are any changes made. You should make a page dedicated to your contact details so customers can easily reach you.

An About Us Page

Every user who goes to your website and ask – who are you? Dedicating a page on your site to who you are can help customers understand what work you do and the history behind your business. By providing a brief history, what work you do, and who is a part of your team can help a potential customer feel connected and understand who you are.


Have you ever been to a site without images? Neither have we! This is because images captivate the eyes and draw people in. Users want to see what work you have done or even photos of who runs the business. All photos should be of high quality, load quickly and relate with your company – having an image of a coffee does not make sense if you are a landscaper.  While including an alt text in every image you use can help search engines determine what your site provides for users – boosting your ranking.

Service Page

When a user goes on to your site, they do not want to journey through multiple pages and loads of information to find out what your business offers. Keep it simple with a service page. If you have multiple services, a drop-down menu can be added. They allow potential customers to directly and quickly find out what you do.

Being Mobile Responsive

Have you ever been to a website on your phone where you must scroll across to find a certain page? This feature is highly unappealing to users and can turn them away from your site. In the twenty-first century your site needs to load correctly on a mobile. Try updating your settings or check to see if the platform your site is powered by allows for mobile use.


These are just some of the many essentials you need to include in your website. These should be included in small, local businesses too large corporations. If you are stuck on how to fix these or need a hand to re-freshen your site, contact us today to talk about your concerns.


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