Must Have’s When Building a Website

Key Elements to Ensure Website is a Success


Have you ever been to a website that doesn’t have images? Neither have we! This is because images create a great online user experience. Images can delight your audience and help them remember your message. Moreover, users want to see your work, your products and services and your team. All photos should be high quality and load quickly. Importantly, relate all your images to your companyhaving an image of a coffee does not make sense if you are a landscaper! Including an ‘alt text’ for every image can help search engines ‘see’ your images and determine the content on your site – making your website more searchable. Images can be more powerful than words if you use them effectively. 

An ‘About Us’ Page

Your About Us page can be a valuable online asset for your business. It offers a way to highlight your brand story, share your brand values or feature the founding members of your business. Customers browse these pages to learn more about the people behind the product. It answers the question: Who are you? Dedicating a page on your site to who you are can help customers understand who you are and feel connected to you.

Name, Address and Contact Details

Your business name, address and contact details are critical for your website. If your customers can’t find you, how will they purchase your products or services? Customers need the basic information about your business. Make sure this information is always up-to-date so no one gets lost trying to find you! Consider creating a page dedicated to your contact details so customers know exactly where to look. 

Your ‘Services’ Page

When a user goes onto your site, they do not want to journey through multiple pages and loads of information to find out what your business offers. Keep it simple with a Service Page. If you have multiple services, a drop-down menu can be useful to categorise these services. Your Services Page will allow potential customers to directly and quickly find out what you offer.

Being Mobile Responsive

Have you ever been to a website on your phone and got frustrated trying to find a certain page? This can be a huge deterrent for users and can put them off your business. Ensure your website is mobile responsive. Try updating your settings or checking to see if your host platform offers a mobile responsive website. If not, consider switching to one that doesyour customers will be much happier!

A great website is a great asset for your business. Consider these key essentials when designing your website, whether you are a small or a large business!

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