How To Measure The Success Of Your Websites

Do you know how to measure if your website is successful? It can be hard to tell and understand. You might think that the number of visitors or page views per day are good indicators, but they’re not really. There are plenty of factors you need to take into account when figuring out how well your site is doing and there’s no one-size-fits all answer for everyone. For some sites, it may be enough just to know how many people come through on any given day or week; for others, it may require more advanced analytics tools like Google Analytics. But in order to figure out what matters most for your site, you’ll have to test things out and see what works best!
Here are some areas you can look into to help you figure out what success means for your site.

Number of Visitors

Getting the right amount of traffic to your site is one way you can measure its success. However, it’s equally important that what type and how much people are looking at also be monitored closely in order for any spikes or sudden decreases from occurring again soon after. Your website’s number on visits should not change drastically over time if there has been no fluctuation before this point unless something new was done differently which caused an increase with more users coming into contact through social media platforms such as Facebook ads (where advertisers pay per click).

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Measure The Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of visits that go to only one page before exiting a site. If you stay on this article for too long without then navigating away, that’s called a “bounce” and will affect your website’s overall performance in Google rankings! A bounce rate is also affected by closing the browser or window, typing another URL into your web browser, clicking back on an exit page which causes you to leave that site entirely.

You want your site to keep visitors longer, so it’s important you find out what pages on the website have higher bounce rates. With this knowledge in mind you can see which ones are doing better than others and make adjustments or changes accordingly before they leave!


The Average Time Spent On Your Site 

Your website’s success is tied to how long visitors stay on your pages. This metric can be measured in hours, minutes or seconds depending on what you’re looking for! So if there are things that interest potential customers like content and products then they’ll spend more time exploring the site – as opposed to just eating up space with their browser without browsing anything at all . A good way of measuring this would be dividing our total number of page views by average dwell-time (i.e., length) where we see an equation similar enough between metrics: Total Pages Viewed / Average Time Spent = Percent Visits Performed Over 1 Minute.

If the average time on your About Us page is three minutes and it takes 100 clicks to complete a single contact form – chances are you have an over-the-top Contact page. Or perhaps 10 seconds isn’t enough engagement for users of blog content? Consider editing posts so they’re not such low hanging fruit!

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Call To Action Click Through Rate 

Building strong calls to action is a must. It directs visitors on your site and ensures they do what you want them too, clicking the button after reading about it in detail! If people aren’t clicking then something needs changed because this can lead unhappy customers who leave without leaving reviews or buying anything from us – which means less sales for everyone involved, so make sure all CTAs have high conversion rates by making things easy-to use like text only buttons with clear instructions saying “Learn More” underneath as opposed 2 side bar links (which may require an tap).

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The success of your website is important to measure. It’s also worth considering what you can improve and what has been working for you so far. If these sound like things that might be helpful, please contact us today! We want to help you take the next step in getting more people on your site or better convert those visitors into customers. 



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