How To Increase Your Website Loading Speed

Have you ever visited a website and it takes forever to load?  This can be a crucial factor that impacts if a user will stay on the site or leave. Statistically, around 40% of users will leave a site if it takes 3 or more seconds to load. Your website loading speed can have an impacting factor on if a customer chooses to do business with your company. Here are some tips you can use to increase your site loading speed.


Reduce Redirecting Your Customer

It is important your website is optimal for all areas of your business – home page, about us, service/product page, contact etc. – but having to redirect your potential customer to multiple pages to find out about your business can require them to wait additional time. The customer will have to wait for the HTTP request-response cycle to be completed to go visit a particular page.


Decrease Image Size

Images are essential in every website. Users want to see your work, products, and the team. However, having large images can result in longer waiting time. By making sure images are not any larger than they need to be can help reduce the loading time. While you should also make sure that they are formatted in the right file – JPEGs files are better for photographs.


Choose Your Host Carefully

Different programs you use to host your website can have a major impact on the way your site loads. By not conducting research and choosing the right host for your site can give you a low monthly rate – meaning Google will rank you lower. This can often be seen on cheap hosting sites where a server is having to support multiple websites at once. Our team has found that WordPress is one of the best website hosting’s that can allow you to build strong and personalised websites.


Remove Unnecessary Plugin Options

Do you still have a link to you Google+ account that has not been used in years? Or an ‘Instagram Feed’ plug in to the bottom of your site but has not been updated since 2019? Or even an events calendar that is lacking any essential information? All these options are plugins and can greatly impact the loading time of your website. For best results, go through your site and ask – do we still need this plugin? Make sure you keep important ones including links to social media accounts and firewall programming.


These are just four of the many ways you can reduce your website loading time. Take into consideration the user experience and what they want to see. Understanding all these (and more) tactics can be confusing. Our team can help provide a simple and straight forward information and service to help increase your site loading time and gain more customers.



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