How Fast Does Your Website Load?

The speed your website loads at is a crucial factor that can have great impacts on your business. Many users who access your site through a mobile phone will leave within just after 4 seconds if it does not load. So why is it bad to have a slow website?

Range of Reasons that can Impact your Business

Loss of Website Traffic

When people visits your website, they want to gain information quickly. When hassled with long loading screens, users will often exit or go to another provider. This can lead to high bounce rates, meaning users visit a website and leave without any activity being performed. Overall this has the potential to lead to a loss of sales and revenue. 

Bad Customer Experience

Your customers can become frustrated with a slow loading website. It can damage your reputation and overall website experience. Poor customer experience can lead to less time spent on your website and potential loss of customers returning to your site. 

Drop in SEO Ranking

Search Engine Ranking is highly important when trying to attract users to your website. Google does not favour sites that are slow-performing, thus impacting the traffic to your site.

The ideal loading speed for most websites should be between two to four seconds long. There are methods and steps you can implement to reduce the loading time on your website.

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