Effective Website Development through About Us pages

Developing an Effective Website Design with an About Us pages

A strong and effective website should always include an About Us page. An About Us page can and should be on every businesses’ website. It involves an insight into who your team is, who you are, what matters to you, what you do and what you are offering. As a source of reflection and personality of your business, it can provide the history of your company and the projected future you wish to achieve. 

Why is this Important in terms of having an Effective Website Design?

This page is often straightforward and very important. Not only does it give you an opportunity to showcase your business, but it can allow customers to understand your company and operations. More often than not customers will review your about us page to determine if they want to do business with you.

How to Make a Strong Website Design?

An About Us page should always be informative, useful and engaging. Content should be easy to navigate, read and accessed on any device. 

  • Include images of your team, it puts a face behind your company.
  • Tell your story and the history behind how your company started. 
  • Share an insight into what is happening behind the scenes, are you using sustainable materials, locally based, any points that are appealing to customers.
  • Put your customers first even through it is about you page, how can you help them.
  • Direct your customers to the next stage by linking service or contact pages. Important to not let customers sitting there waiting.

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