Easy Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Easy tips to help improve your email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful digital strategy that can help reach out to form relationships with potential, current and future clients. By providing a source of information, you can showcase new products, the services you provide and the problems you can help solve. Unlike general advertisements seen on television, you can arrange a list of clients who would have a direct interest in your business.

Tips on Effective Email Marketing

Do not over-promote

Sending emails about new products constantly can lead to customers losing interest and unsubscribing. Include messages that surround your business, for example an annual sale, areas you specialise in or focusing on a key problem faced by your clients.

Make it personal

Ensure each email includes their name. This can make the reader feel important and not like a bot message. Sign it off with your name or the managers name to further gain that personal relationship.

Include a call to action

Sending out information and updates is essential. However, if you do not include a call-to-action button there will be no results. Ensure you add a link to your site, phone number, email and social media sites.

Clean up your contact list

Have you been sending out emails for a few months and starting to lose the engagement you first had? It may be time to clean up your list and remove users who have not opened your last few emails in such a time frame. The energy you are using towards dead leads could be potentially wasted on users who are interested.

Test, Test, Test!

Testing how the email looks, sounds and works before sending it off to tens to hundreds of clients is essential. You do not want to have found a spelling mistake, see that the image does not load or you forgot a call to action before it is too late.

Subject lines are Important

Having a great subject line can entice users to read your email and learn what you have to say. Use strong words that draw them in. Some wording you can use include urgent, breaking, important, weekend only, deals you will not want to miss, must-haves, new products.

These are some of the many tips that can help you improve your email marketing when gaining new leads. By ensuring each of these tips are covered in your weekly or fortnightly email will help your business gain more interaction.

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