Crafting Your Client Pages

Needing and Crafting Client Pages

Every successful website design should have several core components but often overlooked are the “Client Pages” or “About you” pages where potential clients can find information relevant to them and decide whether to make a purchase.

Deciding what type of Client Page is necessary for your business can be a tricky task yet once you identify whether you service different markets, have different products or services or have several decision makers in the buying process, deciding whether you need Client Pages and what type of Client pages you need is that much simpler. Take a few minutes to watch the video and read on to learn more about Client Pages.

1. Different Client Type Services?

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Your business might need Client pages if you offer different services to different Client types as it’s essential for the information potential buyers come across to be specific to their need and having content for each service or product makes it that much simpler.

In the example in our “Client Pages” video, we describe how Unified Care (a Nursing and Ancillary Agency staffing business) provides different types of nursing and ancillary staff for Aged Care facilities, Hospitals and Home Care. So, it’s a necessity for their website to have detailed information about each of the different types of clients so these prospective clients know Unified Care offers services for their situation.


2. Different Target Client Types?

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You should have Client Pages if your business has essentially the same product or services but is targeting different markets. Having Client Pages that are suited to that market’s needs is critical for engagement. Plus, it will help with your search engine optimisation (SEO)

In the example shown in our “Client Pages” video, Sonic Sight, a video production company, has specific page content for schools, government, businesses and not for profit organisations. This allows potential clients looking for corporate videos or school videos for example to go straight to relevant content and demonstrates their expertise in the relevant market.


3. Different Decision Makers?

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Client pages might also be required if your business has several different decision makers involved throughout the buying process.

In our “Client Pages” video we talk about our Bare Essentials Illawarra, who is a Disability Support Provider. They work with Participants directly, Carers, Support Managers, Plan Managers and get referrals from Allied health professionals. So, on their website we described how they work with each of these “decision influencers” and understand their needs. This helps build more referrals as well as demonstrate their experience and expertise as a support “provider of choice”.


4. When to Create One Client Page only

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Sometimes it isn’t necessary for your business to have several different client pages for all the different types of customers you service. Having only one “Client Page” may help make the scope (and expense) of building a new website lower, while providing a structure for future growth. You can always build any individual client pages out later as needed.

For example, for our Disability Support Provider example it was beneficial to have all the information displayed succinctly on one page so any potential client looking for the relevant “decision influencers” mentioned earlier could find the information they were looking for quickly and get the required help.

5. When to create individual Client Pages

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If your business has multiple industry targets, then creating individual Client Pages might be the most effective move for you to get prospects to where they need to be on your website.

In our “Client Pages” video overview, we highlighted an example where there are Google searches for companies in specific industries – School Video production Company or Corporate Video production Company. In this case the best strategy is to have tailored information on individual Client Pages to rank higher on Google for those specific search terms and demonstrate specific industry experience.


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