Copywriting is one of the most useful tools used in marketing and sales. It is the process of creating written content for a number of different purposes. In the 21st Century, the world of digital marketing is vital to ensure your business is establishing an online presence and showing off to new and existing customers. One of the best ways for a business to achieve this is through the use of copywriting or creating written content. 

While advertising and other marketing tools are important too, well-written and regular content is essential in connecting with customers and increasing your online presence. Written content can be used in a number of different mediums, such as blog posts (like this one), social media posts, email campaigns, advertisements and of course web pages. In the 20th century, advertising was the key to marketing success, but in the digital world we live in today, content is king.

Written content or sales copy as it is sometimes called, ultimately aims to persuade consumers and to increase brand awareness for a business. Online brand awareness is so essential for success particularly when businesses are getting better and better at Search Engine Optimisation (https://bit.ly/3m6m4e3). Copywriters need to ensure that they understand their customers well, so that they can use the right words in order to influence them and make them react in a desirable way. Actions taken after reading a piece of written content could include a call, an email enquiry, a website visit, a Google review or many others.

Visual content, particularly in the form of videos such as those found on YouTube and Instagram is increasingly becoming as popular or even more than written content. While this may be the case, copywriting is still an extremely vital skill for marketers to obtain and will remain so for a long time to come.

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