Tips For Building A Great Website For Your Business

Over 80% of your customers will search for you online. Your website is therefore a powerful tool that can showcase your brand and establish your credibility as a business. A well-designed, professional website is a key component of any digital marketing strategy. It is the foundation of your business and connects customers to your product or service. Every strong brand has a website behind it. 

Tips When Building Your Brand Online: 


Consistency is the Key

Consistent design can orientate your customers and improve the functionality of your website. Consider how each element of your website interacts including the colours, shapes, typeface, logo, layout, images and more. Design is a form of communication.  People will be able to recognise who you are as a brand if you present your business in a consistent way. Consistency enables users to easily navigate your website and complete tasks efficiently, creating a positive customer experience. 

Create Engaging Content

Content creation is storytelling. Content is a way to entertain, inform, answer questions and guide buying decisions. It is important to carefully curate your content to ensure it reflects your business and resonates with your customers.  Consider the tone, style and message, alongside the layout of the content on your website. Content riddled with grammatical errors, incorrect information or topics unrelated to your business can break the trust and respect of your customers. Strong and engaging content will help your business stand out, ultimately generating more sales.

Choose Images wisely

What is more powerful than words? Images. High-quality images can delight your audience and help them remember your message. Images are more important than ever as online platforms are crowded with information and attention spans are short. Our brains are wired to strongly respond to colour and shapes compared to other forms of information. An image can help you to communicate your key messages with potential customers quickly and efficiently; a picture is worth 1,000 words. Careful image selection can instantly provide context to the text and create a more immersive customer experience on your website. 

Check Your Website Flow

Consider how your customer might journey through your website. Sometimes pages on websites can be neglected and therefore be jolting to your user.  For example, the ‘About Us’ page is often an afterthought in website design and is therefore underutilised. However, it can be a valuable online asset for your business. It offers a way to highlight your brand story, share your brand values or feature the founding members of your business. Customers browse these pages to learn more about the people behind the product. It gives customers an insight into your business and helps answer the “Why should I buy from you?” question before customers make a buying decision. Moreover, Google ranks websites based on the content of all its pages.  Use the flow of your website as an opportunity to create a story about your business.   

Can You Simplify?

Finally, can you simplify your website?  Large logos and vague descriptions do not provide value for your customers.  It is important to simplify your website to better signpost your key messages and highlight what is important for your customer.  If you understand the customer journey, you can better prioritise the things that are valuable to them.  Cut out the background noise and simplify!

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