5 Signs Your Website Design Needs An Update

Is It Time To Update Your Website Design?

Every business should conduct a review of its website design at least once a year. This can include reviewing your layout, graphics, operating systems, and overall design. With digital marketing and the internet continuously expanding it is imperative that your website does not look old.

Updating your website does not mean you have to create a whole new platform – we know this can be time-consuming and expensive – making some small adjustments in even a few areas you need to fix can improve the overall functioning of your site. Working with a team of professional marketers will ensure that you get the best advice on the actual areas that really need improvement without having to re-do the whole website.

 What are some features that indicate your site needs to be updated?


1. Your Site Is Not Optimised For Mobile

Web traffic has increasingly become higher on mobile phones in the last few years. Most people will search for something at least once a day on their phones. However, this does not mean every site works on mobile. Having a website design that is not mobile-friendly can have a serious effect on users’ interaction with a brand, often portraying an outdated look. If your users are having difficulty navigating your website when on their phones, it is time to update your site.

2. Your Visitors Aren’t Impressed

Every user who visits your site, whether they are a previous client, potential customer, or competitor, should be impressed. They should be able to clearly understand who you are, what industry you work in, and what you specialise in. A clear layout will captivate and impress your users, influencing them to choose your business. Brand perception is an essential selling element for customers. Without a strong brand recognition customers will easily forget your brand. 

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There are some features you should look out for. Take a quick look at your website and see if you are missing any of these features, or they need a refresh. 

  • Brand colours are fresh and consistent throughout your site
  • Strong images that correlate with your business
  • Appropriate text font and size
  • Accessible and easy to navigate design
  • Animations included, such as icons

If your website design no longer reflects your companies brand image, then it might be time to give it an update. These features won’t require you to build a new website, but adjustments should be made. Have a look at this website, do you think this would appeal to users when they first visit the site?

3. Your Blog Needs An Update

Blogs have become an essential aspect of digital marketing strategies in the twenty-first century. Every site should be incorporating and maintaining blogs as it is an important factor to boost the search engine optimisation of your website – meaning its ranking on Google.

Additionally, they allow businesses to showcase their expertise, answer any questions clients may have, give an industry update while creating a marketing strategy. If you have not updated your site blog in a couple of months – or years – this can diminish your business reputation by not being up to date and knowledgeable

Ask yourself if your website and blog have any of the following issues:

  • Does your site have a blog?
  • When was it last updated?
  • Are you providing useful and relevant information?
  • Is it easy for your customers to access the blog?
  • Are you showcasing your skills and services?
  • Have you answered any questions your client may have?

If your blog section does not exist or has been lacking content in the last few months, this can damage your search engine optimisation (SEO).

4. Check Your Performance

Reviewing your key performance indicators (KPIs) regularly can help understand how your website is performing. Measuring your site traffic, bounce rates, and time spent on site can help understand how your users are interacting with your website. What could this mean? It can indicate there may be an issue with the information you are presenting, they are stuck trying to find your contact information, services you provide, where you are located or the overall look and content on your website is not engaging them, so they don’t stay long which means Google may rank your site lower vs your competitors..

5. Outdated Information

Information on the internet is constantly being updated and changed. All information you put online should always be accurate and up to date. This is important for all businesses, from small to large organisations. Having outdated information on your website not only confuses your customer but can diminish your reputation in the marketplace.

Why are you still optimising for old content? It’s important to check in with your site and be brutally honest about whether or not what used to work needs an update. Although sometimes we have pages on our sites that do well, we never think to update them even if they are old.

 Outdated information can occur throughout your site and including:

  • Old contact details (phone number and email)
  • You have a new location
  • Your team is now working primarily from home
  • The type of services or products you provide has changed
  • New management or team members
  • Statistics, info-graphs, and other sources

If you have not updated any of this information in the last year, it might be time to review your website and give it an update.

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