Tips for getting the best Website Design

Five tips for the best Website Design

If you do it right, your website can be the best marketing tool for getting leads and growing your business. To ensure you have an effective website, you should incorporate five Website Design elements as part of your website planning. These five elements are Purpose, Goals, Visuals, Content and Security.

This page will help you understand these five elements in detail. Our first video is an overview of these website design principles that you can use as a checklist when creating a new website or improving your current site.

You can also download our free website planning checklist to improve your website design.

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1. Website Purpose

The first step to designing an effective website is to clearly establish the Purpose and Intent of  your website – who your website will serve and how it’s going to serve them. Before even building a website, it’s a bit like inviting someone into your home. You want to make sure you know why they’re coming and what expectations they will have when they get there. Different website visitors will have different behaviours, for example, websites that sell products will lean heavily on their pricing and product information and a simple purchase path, while service businesses will usually require more information on the services, business, people and success stories. So understanding and detailing the purpose of your website is the critical first step.

2. Marketing Goals

The second area you need to think about is your marketing goals. Consider how you are going to attract traffic to the website. Will you promote it via social media? Are you going to do SEO? Or will you use Ads? Having a website that does not attract visitors is not helpful for your business. So, what are your marketing goals? What are you going to do when people get to the website? What do you want them to do? Do you want them to contact you, to call you, to fill out a form to build a subscriber list? What do you want the website to do? These are all part of what you cover in your marketing goals.

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3. Website Visuals

The third area you need to think about is your visuals. The typography you’re going to use, what font are you going to use on the website? What colours are you going to use? Are those colours consistent with your brand? Is there plenty of white space?

A website’s visual appearance is a critical part of keeping visitors on the page, scrolling, getting them engaged and achieving your Marketing Goals.

4. Website Content

The fourth area you need to think about is the objective and content for every page on your website. When you work out what your objective is for each page, you can define what information you want that page to have. For example, if you want the page to inform or educate, you may need more written content, or perhaps an infographic, or short video. If you want to showcase your work, you may need more videos, photos or case studies. If you want your users to take some action you will need more “action-orientated ” words and buttons.

A critical page for many services businesses is an  ‘About’ page as this is often the second-highest “visited” page.  This means the ‘About’ page is your opportunity to tell potential customers what problems of their’s you can solve and why they should consider your business to help solve those problems.

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5. Website Security

Finally, the fifth area to consider is security and backups. Have you got a backup system in place if your website goes down, is hacked, or if it crashes?

Do you have security plug-ins on your website? Because unfortunately today, there’s lots of people out there who just for fun or for malicious reasons, want to bring down your website. It is important to have the right security in place.

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